5 balloon, 5 stone down :)


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Well done you!! I just LOVE the balloon thing :)


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I'm more than happy for others to adopt the balloon thing too if you want to :) (our living room is a little crowded at the moment, as there is still helium left in the 3 and the 4 too!) My daughter loves it! It just shows how quickly the weight falls off on this diet, that you can get the next balloons while the earlier ones are still going. Can't wait to go and get the next one now! This is now new ground for me on the weight loss too. Up until a few pounds ago, I was relosing weight I'd lost before.... but this is now a whole new world for me!


Wants to do this!
Well done you and yep loving the balloon thing too! x


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well done!


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Yay - go you!!

Well done



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Well done :) that's brilliant. Very happy for you xxx

getting there!

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I get sooooooooo excited when i see your new balloon... well done... and your a lovely lady, so encouraging to everyone... you so deserve all your success x


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Well done Rachel your doing amazing! Seems like only yesterday u posted pics of balloon 4! Well done (im defo gonna have to steal your balloon idea if you dont mind hehe) xx


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Well done! Brilliant and such an inspiration. Thank you xxx


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well done. you look very happy in your photo. cheeky number 5 well deserved and well earned. keep up the good work ;)