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5 Stone by New Years Eve Possible?

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After a couple weeks of starting over every day, I've decided to go all in, and commit to a 5 stone weight loss in 73 days. I'm a technical guy, so I'm trying to help myself stick to the diet by turning it into an experiment with my body (can't be much worse than the junk I'm putting in now).

According to my calculations I should be aiming to lose 6.71 lbs per 7 days between now and then.

To assist my weight loss I *plan* on going to the gym 7 days a week, with cardio all 7 days, and weights every other day. A few years ago, I was fairly active and slim so this kind of workout schedule isn't foreign to me.

I also plan on taking other things to help boost the weight loss, such as natural thermogenic supplements and metabolism boosters such as green tea extract.

So does all this seem possible? I'm sorry if I come across as arrogant, I just think extreme situations need extreme measures, and I'm treating this diet as a life and death situation, which at the end of the day it is in the long run.


EDIT: I'm 22, which might be relevant, as age can be a factor in weight loss.
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I'm going to be slim
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well you guys do lose it quicker so it's possible my hubby has lost 23lbs in 3 weeks his 1st week 11 the 2x 6lb
Good luck


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I dont think its a great idea to do that much exercise on this diet... you arent eating enough to sustain your body and heavy exercise. You may lose weight quicker but I dont think it will be great for your health.

I would say you could prob lose 3 stone - 3 and a half stone just by doing total solution
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Men do lose weight faster than women but maybe 5 stone loss by New Years Eve could be a bit much to expect. It's great that your so committed to losing the weight and I'm sure you will do it.
Setting a goal that maybe unachievable can be more destructive to your weightloss journey. I am speaking from experience.
Set yourself a lower goal and smash it rather than a higher one and really struggle to achieve it.
I do wish you well and hope you get to where you want to be, after all we're all in the same boat.
Good luck hun.
5 stones in 2.5 months. No! Set yourself a more realistic target. That level of exercise is also unadvisable on a VLCD and to be honest it's not going to impact that much on your losses. A VLCD estimates around a stone a month slightly more if you're male. You're aiming for double that. Be realistic and aim for something attainable

Supplements etc also aren't going to affect your losses. You'll lose just as much by purely sticking to the plan. All the things you're suggesting won't help. I'm not sure a VLCD is the right option for you to be honest
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I'm no expert on exante (haven't started yet) but I'm fairly sure all that exercise and a very low calorie diet go together, If you've done that sort of intensive exercise in the past and you feel that you can realistically commit to that again maybe you could have someone at the gym help you sort out an eating plan because I imagine you'll *need* a lot more than 600 Kcals a day to maintain your health and that way you can lose weight and build muscle and look fit and healthy at the end of it all! :cool:

Your young and you sound very determined, I'm sure you could lose a lot of weight between now and NYE even if it isn't 5st I think you could do 2-3st or more and feel great.