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Discussion in 'Exante - Diaries' started by Lux, 25 June 2014 Social URL.

  1. Lux

    Lux Full Member

    Back again :ashamed0005:
    Glad to be back on it though. I've been back on Exante on and off for the last few weeks and have lost 4 lb so far. Weigh days are Monday, keep me focused over the weekend! Would ideally like to lose 5 stone by Christmas... avarage of 2.8 lb per week. That would be lovely! I do have a few weekends this summer that I'll be unable to follow TS so will need to account for potential hazards too! Hoping to regularly catch up with everyone's diaries on here and post often for inspiration and motivation.
    So, here goes nothing (and everything)! :rolleyes:
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  3. bob123

    bob123 Silver Member

    Good luck! Thanks for working out the average loss til Christmas - that also makes my goal seem more achievable! Let's get slim for Christmas together! :)

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  4. Lux

    Lux Full Member

    Let's do it!
  5. Lux

    Lux Full Member

    Day 1

    Woke up today feeling motivated :) weighed myself this morning and I am the same weight as I was on Monday, but keeping Monday as weigh day. So this week is only 4 days really! :p

    Had a mint chocolate shake on my way to work. My favourite product by far. Tempted to just buy a box of 50 but worried I'll get sick of them!

    In a bit of a dilemma already - I've brought a slim fast bar to work because I don't have exante bars, however I know they have more carbs than exante bars :sigh: so I might try seeing how long I can go without eating it. If I can last til I get home at 4.30, I'll be fine :eek: Fingers crossed!
  6. coffeemate

    coffeemate Full Member

    I love the mint ones too - seriously my favourite! 50 does seem over kill though - I worry I'd end up turning minty green if I had that many! :)

    That is a dilemma - are they significantly more carbs? Hide it in a draw, don't look at it and sit in the lovely sun instead at lunch!!
  7. Lux

    Lux Full Member

    I caved and ate the bar - was so hungry. Feeling better now though :D they have 20g carbs as opposed to 16.5 in exante ones. Maybe it's not that bad?!
  8. coffeemate

    coffeemate Full Member

    No, I shouldn't have thought it would be all that bad, not in the grand scheme of things! I've been lucky that I've been able to nip home for lunch and have a shake there. I think it's going to be more tricky next week. Not really keen on having gloopy shakes in the office, or the questions about the diet. . . .

    Glad you're feeling better!
  9. Lux

    Lux Full Member

    Thanks coffemate! Do you have the shaker to make shakes up? I make mine with less water and a few ice cubes, makes it far less gloopy :) I'm working through lunch today to avoid the staff room - full of questions and food!
  10. Susie58

    Susie58 Gold Member

    Welcome back & good luck.

    Don't worry about the bar, its only a one off so wont make that much of a difference.

    I only take bars to work, problem is they start to melt in this weather as I always have lunch in my car x
  11. Lux

    Lux Full Member

    Thank Susie!
  12. Lux

    Lux Full Member

    Well it's the end of a loooong day! Glad to say day 1 is over! Now to get on with the housework before bed... :(
  13. Lux

    Lux Full Member

    Oh my goodness I'm so hungry. Can't sleep. On a plus note, I weighed this evening (I know I shouldn't have) and I weigh the same now with clothes on as I did this morning without clothes. Surely that's a good thing?! Gonna try not to weigh again until Monday... I'm addicted to the scales though!
  14. Thornhill Cate

    Thornhill Cate 50+ and fabulous

    LOL. That is a good thing. I'm usually a good 2lbs heavier in the same situation.
  15. jojo14

    jojo14 Full Member

    Good luck lux :)
    Im a daily weigher as well. Am rubbish at staying away from them scales.
  16. Cici88

    Cici88 Member

    Best of Luck Lux!
    I only started yesterday and am already tempted to weigh in! :copon:High hopes eh??
  17. Lux

    Lux Full Member

    Thanks for your support guys :) Hope you all have a good day
  18. Lux

    Lux Full Member

    Ok, things haven't been great the last 2 days. Thursday night I ended up eating crisps and chocolate on my way back from awards evening at school (work) because it was a late night and I stopped in the petrol station on my way home :( Things were better yesterday but then last night we had Year 11 Prom, so I had buffet food and wine :eek: I weighed this morning and have lost 1 lb since Thursday. Maybe if I'm good over the weekend I can shift another pound by Monday... :sigh:
  19. Lux

    Lux Full Member

    Husband just measured my height, I'm 1 inch shorter that I thought I was all my life! It's also added a 3lb to my weight loss goal to get to a healthy BMI :( oh well!
  20. Lux

    Lux Full Member

    Just did my body measurements, my thigh is as big as my waist was when I was 21. I feel disgusting :(
  21. Susie58

    Susie58 Gold Member

    Try to stick with it this weekend Lux & you should see a bit more of a loss by Monday, Evenings are the worse for me too. I usually save my 1st pack till late afternoon in the hope that it will help me stay on track as the evening draws on.

    Don't think about the measurements for a while now & you will be in for a nice surprise the next time you measure. Sorry you have lost an inch height wise along he way though :eek: x

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