50+ Reasons To Lose Weight - For Those Low Moments

Discussion in 'Cambridge Weight Plan' started by mypartyiz, 6 April 2007 Social URL.

  1. mypartyiz

    mypartyiz Full Member

    Cambridge Diet
    Just wrote this list up, and for those who are feeling a bit on a downer, it did me a lot of good to think of these things so I hope it does good for people to read!!!

    In no particular order...

    1. Make OH Proud
    2. Make family proud
    3. Feel better in sleeveless tops
    4. Be able to sit in public in comfort
    5. Look brilliant in swimwear
    6. Fit into designer clothing
    7. Look better in pictures
    8. Get the right sort of attention
    9. Move attention from flab to figure
    10. Live healthier life
    11. Be able to run for charity events
    12. Increase compliments
    13. Increase chances of successful surgey (medical or cosmetic)
    14. Wear a wider style range of clothing (not just what fits)
    15. Show up skinny friends from school
    16. Get in and out of the car easier
    17. Look great in a tight dress
    18. Be able to swim in public and not care
    19. Reduce chances of getting bigger
    20. Not feel awkward when clothes shopping
    21. Increase chances of shops having your size in store
    22. Walk along a beach on holiday and feel proud of your body in swimwear
    23. Stop jiggling!
    24. Don't feel pitied when at the gym
    25. Like your own reflection
    26. The smaller you are, the cheaper it is to get drunk lol
    27. Walk up hills and not want to sit down half way up it
    28. Sunbath in public
    29. Buy lingerie without getting weird looks
    30. When people start talking about weight loss, not to feel like they mean you
    31. Make friends/family jealous that you are doing something about your weight, not just talking about it
    32. Be happy to be photographed
    33. Wear a bra that actually fits
    34. Show off legs, not monstor ham thighs
    35. Don't fear onset of summer clothing
    36. Don't think mean things when you see thin people
    37. No one will ask when your baby is due, when you arn't pregnant
    38. Look lean, mean and powerful!
    39. Say weight out loud with pride
    40. Don't have to worry about arthritis or joint replacements when older
    41. Help other overweight people who are in the same situation you where
    42. Don't wonder if people are saying "Why is HE with HER?"
    43. Can boat out to the middle of a lake and swim, knowing you can pull yourself back in the boat and not tip it over
    44. Go out in public and not care what looks you get
    45. Wear a low cut sweater and show your collerbones
    46. Wear a tight blouse or sweater and now have dents where bra straps are
    47. Wear shorts in the summer
    48. Never have to look at someone with envy
    49. Increase feelings of self worth
    Fell very free to add more you can think of! I think this is a great way to raise spirits and hope :p :D :) :p :D :)

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  3. natayou

    natayou a bit different everyday

    51] to not have to look for cafes/restaurants with arm free chairs

    great list zoe

    LAINEY Cambridge Diet Counsellor

    This is exactly the sort of "incentives list" I was referring to in the other post! It's simply fabulous what you've typed, and I'm sure many of us read through your list and nod at several of the points! I know I did!! Print it off, fold it up, and keep it to hand (eg: in purse/wallet) or even stick on fridge door, inside of food cupboard - just to remind you even more! My additions to that list:

    To stop wearing zip-up tops, cardis, and those crochet knit tops that tie in the middle, all the time to try disguise/cover the bulgy spare tyre - especially in summer, when it's baking hot!
    To have happy changing room days!
    To go into Jane Norman, TopShop, etc, and not have the assistants look at you as if to say "yeah right - who you trying to kid luv?!!!!"
    To stop eating naughty things and hiding the evidence by scrunching the wrappers in tin-foil before placing in my neighbours outside bin (DON'T try that at home - it ain't big and it ain't clever - shameful)
    To be at target weight, and find that mandatory other thing to moan about (well, we're never happy no matter what we've got are we?!!)
    To flash the sparkly belly-button piercing I had done almost 4 years ago (that no-one ever sees!)
    To wear tankini and not look like a python swallowing a pig.

    I think that's all for now! Probably the most personal mail I've ever done - ever. :( No - honest! I feel very exposed now! Almost naked to the thread - and trust me - it ain't pretty!!! :eek: I'll have to hide away now for another month or two, and return when bmi 25 is reading on my little wheelie-thing!

    Lainey xx
  5. hollycat

    hollycat To infinity and beyond!

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    Slim and Save
    great list


    What a great list. I would add
    • To get on a plane and know that the seat belt would do up - no embarrassing asking for an extension.
    • To sit on a bus and know there is room for somebody to sit next to you.
    • To stand under an umbrella and know that all of your body is out of the rain.
    • To be able to tuck my top in, rather than have it loose to cover spare tyres.
  6. Happe

    Happe escaping the fat

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    Slimming World
    Ill add;
    Go to a party and not be the biggest there.
    Not to be too shy to dance because of the above.
    Go to a theme park and know you are going to fit on all the rides.
    Do a whole list of experiences that weight/fat has restricted you from doing.
    Not to be invisible.
  7. sonkie

    sonkie Gold Member

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    measure up
    These are the main ones for me.

    Or where the tables and chairs are screwed to the floor so you cant squeeze into the narrow gap !

    OH yes please

  8. wannabslim

    wannabslim Gold Member

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    I'm not dieting, I'm on the pregnancy diet!
    I would like to add:

    -not panicking when sitting on a sofa and someone wants to sit in the tiny space next to you, and instead of that sofa seating 2, it seats 3 cos your bum is now so small!

    - being able to wear a top that finishes above my navel and having a flat stomach to show off!

    - being able to buy chocolate without people staring at me thinking 'you dont need that love'

  9. katie_oxo

    katie_oxo Silver Member

    To be in a public place such as a pub/restaurant and not have to plan the route to the toilet in my head where I will fit through the gaps between tables.

    To say yes to doing things with my family rather than pretending I don't want to do it when it's only my weight that's stopping me.

    There's a couple for me.

  10. mypartyiz

    mypartyiz Full Member

    Cambridge Diet

    More great ideas! The more you see something like this, the less likely you are to want to cheat because your constantly reminded of why you shouldn't! :) Smart thinking!

    Glad to see you've opened up, bet you feel better for it, and you know, there's probably someone on here thinking the same as you but are embarassed to say. But I don't think theres anything embarassing about helping other people who just want the same thing as you. Well done that girl! :D

    All great ideas guys! Keep 'em comin! :p

  11. Tigerlily2007

    Tigerlily2007 Must try harder!!

    Cambidge diet
    To have the confidence to get naughty anyplace, anytime without having to lay a certain way to look better or hide under a duvet and best of all...

    To have the light...ON! :giggle:
  12. chrismars

    chrismars Full Member

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    Slimming World
    For your 12-year old to sit on your lap - without sitting on your stomach (or could that be, my 12-year old, my lap and my stomach?)

    To get up from the sofa without needing a winch.

    Carry on......great thread!

    Chris http://livelifelighter
  13. Cheb

    Cheb Gold Member

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    Cambridge Diet (SSing)
    • To be able to eat in public without feeling that people are nudging each other and whispering 'no wonder she's so fat!'
    • To be able to wear skirts in the height of summer without chafing my thighs!
    Great thread!
  14. Irish

    Irish Gold Member

    to be able to play and keep up with my four year old with out getting breathless.

    to be proud of myself with the way I look and feel
  15. lindylou

    lindylou Silver Member

    Weight Watchers
    not to have to cut the size label off new clothes incase someone sees how big I am.

    In fact when I'm a size 12 I am going to make sure all my labels are hanging out!!!
  16. texasmorning

    texasmorning Full Member

    Cambridge SS
    Some more reasons:

    • To be able to cross my legs.
    • To be able to wear knee-high boots. (to want to wear them, too!)
    • Every room in our house will seem so much bigger. Especially the corridor.
    • My naturally fine hair will look like more on a smaller person.
    • To be able to use the toilets on a trans-atlantic flight.
    • To not have to pay double to take the helecopter ride on our cruise this summer in Alaska!
    • To celebrate our 25th anniversary this summer as the person he knew I always was.
    • To know that he was right.
    • And I can buy some lovely, silky lingerie!!! ;)
    • To be light enough that he can pick me up off of the ground and swing me around. (he's a power lifter...it shouldn't take that long)
    • I think I'd better stop now; I'm getting carried away.:eek:
  17. mypartyiz

    mypartyiz Full Member

    Cambridge Diet
    All brilliant reasons! Keep 'em comin! :D

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  19. poohbearmufc

    poohbearmufc Longing 2 b a yummy mummy

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    Exante - Total Solutions
    Mine to add are...To be a yummy mummy...To be able to buy matching sexy lingerie and feel great wearing it!!To be the real me...To be the one who succeeds and keeps it off!!Love
  20. SARAHP

    SARAHP Silver Member

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    slimming world
    Excellent list, can I add going for a meal where you have to go and fill your plate and then return to table without thinking everyone is saying no wonder shes that size look at whats on her plate!!!
  21. sonkie

    sonkie Gold Member

    Goal Weight:
    measure up
    To feel confident to go swimming with my boys.
    To be able to get on the fair rides without feeling you will tip the blooming thing over.
    To be able to get on the rides and have the safety bar fit over your belly.
    To sit on the beach without feeling you have been beached.
    To be able to buy bras that cost less than £20 +
    To be able to throw anything on and know you look blooming fantastic.

    This thread is brilliant Zoe...great idea.
  22. nina

    nina Silver Member

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    Calorie counting and exercise
    • To fit in an airplane seat while not having to keep the armrest up.
    • To be able to properly put the tray down and eat normally.
    • To go into a store and not have the salesgirl say --'we dont carry your size here'
    • Not have to seat in cinema seats sideways.
    • Not have knickers that look like a mini parachute.
    • To be able to run in a park just like all the rest of the fit and healthy women.
    • To not be singled out and given the 'sturdy big chair' when sitting in a group of normal sized ppl
    • Not to feel emotionally hungry.
    Love this thread!!!
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