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5'5 - 184 lbs - new CD'er - seeks similar diet buddy!


Chronic dieter!!!
Hi y'all,

I'm new to CD (day 2 :) ) and would like a 'buddy' to chat with regularly for motivation, to share experiences and to keep each other on track. If you are interested, let me know. I am also a bride in July so may occasionally rant about that, but promise not to do it too often (you can tell me to shut up - my fiance often does!!!).

Have a good weekend.

Alice x
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Hi Margarino,

I'm on day 5 at the moment and also need a buddy!....re-starting after 2 years off. I'm getting married in Sept this year so also I wont mind you talking about your wedding, it seems to be on my mind all the time at the moment!


Chronic dieter!!!
Hey Mrs H to be,
Thanks for getting in touch! Its great to have a fellow bride to chat to, its constantly on my mind as well! Its been a bit crazy actually because we had to change the wedding date from next year to this year and so haven't officially booked anything :( But we have finally chosen a venue (after changing my mind so many times my fiance has banned me from changing it again!), have found a celebrant near to the venue that is available, have found a band we can afford (a big accomplishment i can tell you!) and have just today found our photographer :) It's finally coming together!
How are your plans going?

I know what you mean by crazy, it doesnt seem to stop! :) We've been engaged for a couple of years but we only set the date before Christmas so everything has been very hectic!!

I think I'm starting to get there now....slowly! I more or less know what I want now, think its taken me 2 years to decide lol. Its just booking everything and keeping on top of the budget at the minute, there always seems to be something I've forgotten.

Think once you book the venue it all starts to fall into place.

Are you getting help with your planning or are you doing it all on your own? xx


Chronic dieter!!!
My future sister in law and good friend are helping which is such a big help, we meet weekly for a bit of a chat and dinner (well no dinner for me anymore :D ) but it helps to feel less stressed. Hope its all coming together for you, seems like at least you know what you want which is half the battle - i'm so indecisive that i have changed my mind about every decision i've made about this wedding!!
It's good you've got support, there's just so much to do! It's taken me a couple of years to decide everything, think wev near enough thought of every option before booking our venue. We were even going to go abroad at one point!

How are you finding CD so far? I've been a bit shaky today but think it'd cos I didn't drink much water this morning....I'm making up for it now tho! x


Chronic dieter!!!
CD is going ok, but i'm not really doing it properly cause on day one i threw up my brekkie so really only had 2 packs and today, i've been so paranoid about throwing up again that i've only managed half a pack. I think its because i don't usually have dairy in my diet and don't think i can stomach it anymore, so gonna just stick to the lactose free packs i brought, but they wont last me until i see my CDC again, so not really sure what to do... I really really don't want to eat anything, but don't know that i should be skipping packs either...
You definitely must not skip packs, you'll make yourself really ill. Why not phone your CDC and see if you can pop round earlier to change them. I'd give her a call anyway, so that you can talk through what is happening. Please make sure you get the proper nutrition. Good luck x
Yeah I would definitely call your CDC n ask to change them. Try having half a pack at a time and space them out so you have 6 shakes in the day. You need to make sure your having them or you will make yourself worse xx
Welcome & good luck Xx
Hi im 5'5 and around your weight! also a bride to be (when we can afford it lol) so no date yet but i have my dress and a ring so still counts lol!
Good luck girls :) x
Hi Kellymarie,

Wow your doing well! I've got my first WI tomorrow so I'm getting a bit nervous.

We tried to save for ours for two years but we're rubbish at saving money....we decided to book the wedding and give ourselves a plan month by month as to what needs paying. Now its booked we have no choice we have to save it instead of spending it! xx
Im sure you will do fantastic!! That sounds like a plan, we should do something like that aswell! we wont really miss it as all spare money has been used on xmas a birthdays recently :) x
Yeah we were the same with Christmas and then loads of family birthdays in one go.....this months the same really! Wer just skinting ourselves until the wedding to get it paid for x
Thats brilliant well done!!! I bet your on top of the world :)

Ive got mine tomorow and im a bit worried as dont feel like ive lost anything...we shall see!
Yeah I do he he x

I'm sure you'll have lost loads. To-be honest I dont feel like iv lost that much but I think its hard to tell until its a couple of stone, I can't anyway!

Let me know how you get on....good luck! Xx

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