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56 days til crimbo!!!!!! 2 stone down?


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Hi Folks,

I have just had a little add up and it is 56 days until Christmas!!! I had another little add up and reckon if I lose 3.5lbs a week that will be 2 stone by Christmas day. Usually, well on average, I lose a little more than that but wanted to be realistic...

Does anyone want to join me?

I know there are some other 'weight loss til Christmas' threads going on, but was quite excited by my calculations.. lol I don't get out much!!!

Sarah xx

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Aw thanks Dragonfly :) Your weight loss is very impressive, can I be really nosey and ask how long it took?
I started November last year but I had a week off at Easter and two weeks off in June when I went to Florida. I also had a week off when I did the Race for Life this year. So I could have been at target if I had not messed around. Just recently l've been on the 1000 because I had been ill and I was looking really scrawney, but I've decided to change my target now to 10st 7 so I have 7lbs to go.


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Wow congratulations, that is impressive.. I love hearing others stories as it really inspires me to continue.. Thanks Dragonfly x


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Well you've done amazingly well :) You'll be at goal in no time at all...
Sarah x

wow 2 stone by xmas i want that i usually lose around 3lb a week so a little less would still be nice
so i guess i'm in come on we can do this!!!!


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woo hoo welcome Gailt39.. I WI on Saturdays so whatever day you weigh we'll post on here after our WI and spur each other on.. I am certain this is an achievable goal :)

Sarah x
me too i get weighed on a tuesday so will post mine then good to have someone else to help spur you on are you on ss i am did have one week of ss+ but back to ss till xmas now
Yes I am on SS, I have had an AAM week and a couple of 'wobbly' days but really want to SS up until Christams now and then do AAM for a week over Christmas and new year :) Also want to do some more walking or other exercise to help it along - I weigh 18 stone 9lbs at the moment so this is a mini goal for me:)

Sarah xx
i started at 18 stone 5 i am now 15 stone 10 so you'll do it i know you will
You've done soooo well Gailt39, really inspirational :)
just got back from shopping meant to comment on your weekly losses they are amazing keep up the good work and that 2 stone will fly off
this diet is greeat isnt it hard bloody hard but great at the same time lol
yes sorry i am a little mad but in a good way i think lol
dancing queen you are now an official member of our little team come on girls we can do this and what an amazing 1st week you had
Welcome Dancing Queen :D I reckon we'll do it easy peasy, and being a little mad sounds perfectly normal to me Gailt39 lol

What's your WI day Dancing?

Sarah xx
thanks.... just need to keep up the momentum now
You can do it, together we can lose 2 stone each by Christmas. I get on here most days and we can encourage each other, even if we have a blip or feel low...

Sarah xx


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cool. i'm already in some kind of three stone by christmas thread. but i'm not really on track i don't think, ha. i haven't updated it for a while. but i will. promise :D

so yeah. count me in :)

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