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5ft 4in?

I know this is vague and probably not just an exante thing but i thought i would ask. I'm 9days in TS and previously an LLer.

I'm curious what anyone my height is looking to achieve as a goal weight? I appreciate we are all different and we all hold our weight differently etc etc but i thought it would be interesting.

I'm 5ft 4in (pear shaped when the going is good) and my goal is 167lbs - mainly because that is the weight i finished LL as and it felt good to me. I feel like i should try and get to a healthier BMI but right now i'm happy if i get to where i was then reassess. I thinks its a bout dress size too, i would like to buy size 14 clothes.

What are your goals (and why, maybe??)
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I'm also 5ft 4 and my goal currently is 12 stone - 168lbs. I will never be skinny so I am aiming for a weight I will feel comfortable at and then will see how I get on :) xx
Hi Sarette. Thanks for replying! Great losses!

i feel the same. i've never been slim all my life and that weight feels comfortable to me. My dad always joked i was big boned hee hee. i meet so many people who want to slim down to be size 8 etc but thats not realistic for me!
Hi I'm 5'2.5" and currently at 11.11 and aiming for 9.13 (BMI 25.0)
I think the lack of replies is because you are in the off topic section which is very quiet try posting in the main section instead ;)
ooo thanks dustqueen - i couldn't decide where i should ask! do i just start a new question in there?
Im 5f 4 too and ideally I would love to be around 10st 5, this is the weight I was when I met my hubby. Realistically though I have no idea how im going to get on with vlcd and so have no idea how long i can do it for and how much im going to loose. Ive managed to get down to 12st previously with ww/sw so im hoping to be able to reach my target with vlcd.
Hi Papillion, thanks for replying! Have you just started on exante?

I think vlcd's are fantastic, they show you how much you snacked without realising and the weight loss just encourages you to continue. I don't think its about the great losses, more understanding how you got that way in the first place and taking the time off to observer your life.

I've never been slim so i don't really know what i'm or my body is capable of, think i'm going to try and get to my goal and then reassess. I'd like to be a normal BMI for once so the doctors can't complain!

My goal used to size 14 so i can wear surf brands like ripcurl! bit of a rubbish goal but i've always liked that style and never been able to fit!
I just started yes, day 3 for me done and dusted.

Youre right its really opened my eyes to how much I pick at food when cooking and when Im bored and also kids leftovers. I dont really eat when im hungry I just eat and eat. Im a terrible binger and I really dont know how im going to combat that once im at my goal and eating again.
Im 5ft 3 and weigh 164lbs .. I did lipotrim back in 2009 and came down from a size 16/18 to 12... I'm a chubby woman and have always been a size 10 before I got married and after my first pregnancy I was size 8 but since then it's shot up coz I'm a full time housewife and mum and mostly stay at home and now iv gone up a dress size so I have started exante and I hope I lose the 25 lbs ..
It's my belly that I'm bothered about..
I'm also 5 4 and my goal is 9 St 6 lbs. I'm apple shaped with big boobs so I kinda look plump even at 10 stone. I'm planning to get into a regular exercise routine too and tone up a bit.
I am 5'4 too and I am aiming for 11 stone, which for me is about a 12/14 (More of a 13). I got to this before and I felt slim but without being skinny so I will be happy there :D

2 stone to lose!
I'm also 5ft 4ins, have done LL and CD in the past. I always set my goal weight at the top end of the 'normal' BMI range - which for a person my height is close to 10st 4lbs. Some people at that weight would wear size 10 clothes ( lucky them), I found size 12 tight sometimes, but I'd be just so happy to look nice in size 14. I suppose your age, body shape and exercise levels all contribute to the dress size. I'm tyring to take a healthy approach this time, trying to convince myself that it will be my last VLCD, so I'm thinking in terms of BMI than dress size - to-day is Day 3 for me. Having said that, interim targets are sensible and give you a sense of achievement. After I shed each stone, I'll be in the shops delighted to be fitting into a smaller size -for that's really motivational.
I think it all depends on your frame too. There is a good little book called Carb Counter by Collins Gem and it has ideal weight according to frame size and height, based on your wrist size.

Height Under 5'2 (1.58 meters)
Small Frame less than 14cms
Medium Frame 14cms to 15cms
Large Frame over 15cms

Height between 5'2 and 5'5 (1.58 meters and 1.65)
Small Frame less than 15cms
Medium Frame 15cms to 16cms
Large Frame over 16cms

Height over 5'5 (1.65 meters)
Small Frame less than 16cms
Medium Frame 16cms to 17cms
Large Frame over 17cms

I am a 5'4 and my wrists are 15.5cm's, my idea weight is 113lbs and 138lbs......9 stone 7.....Hahaha, well that's NEVER going to happen :D


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Just sat here with a tape measure... there go my wails of "im big boned" lol 15cm wrists.

My original goal was 9 stone... but then thought its never gonna happen... so I upped it to 10 stone which is just below healthy bmi but when I was 11 stone 4lbs I still wasnt anywhere near happy with how I looked, although a stone does seem to make more of a difference now im lighter then it did before, it notices more so I think Im just going to see how I look and feel at 10 stone and then maybe keep going to lose another stone.
OMG my wrist is under 15cm -and as I lose weight, my wrist shrinks a bit because my watch swirls about!
What an interesting post, thanks -Kittyface. I'll look on 10st 4lbs as my interim goal and try to do wrist exercises in the coming months to justify my excuse that I've got a big frame!
lol that is quite interesting! I'l have to measure my wrists when i get home. Not sure how it will look at my desk at work :)
5'4 girlie here! My goal is 115lb which people always think is very low but I have a very slight frame and carry no extra weight well at all. Also, got down to 9st 4 about 6 years ago and was still pudgy so I need to aim lower *le sigh*

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