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6 month old male kitten biting!

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Hi, was wondering if its normal for my 6mth old kitten to attack my hands and arms, he really hurts and I'm not sure whats best to get him to stop this behavior. I've started ignoring him but it only works till I move and he will pounce again. Not enjoying the scratched look at the moment lol x
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With my two I would put them on the floor and say No very firmly then distract with another toy or game. They did grow out of it in time :)
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Hes still at it! Lol its really werid, its not really playful or nasty its really random sometimes. He doesn't hurt me most the time and usually he stay still n holds my arm in his mouth lol! He's now got the game of where ever I walk he jumps at my leg wraps his arms around then runs off!

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Oh my kitten is 12 weeks and very bitey i am hoping she will grow out of it as she gets really nasty some times! :)
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He's probably doing it cause he wants to play. I have 3 cats, 1 boy and 2 girls. The girls have never really pounced on me or bitten me, however Scrumpy (the boy) was always at it. He's now almost 7 and occasionally still does it. Get him I some good toys and play with him plenty and he will eventually start playing with the toys and not your fingers :)


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I started snapping my fingers at mine and saying no in a loud, low voice while I push him away. I did it often enough that now all I have to do is snap and he knows that he's doing something bad.
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I find that this is completely normal! I've worked in a cattery and find that it just usually just disappears on its own as they get older. I find the best method is ignoring as doing something such as pushing it away or clapping can be seen by the cat as it being rewarded as they are getting attention from you :)
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Kittens often start this behaviour and will/should grow out of it. It occurs generally in kittens rehomed before 10 weeks of age and singleton kittens. This is because they play fight and bite their siblings and it is then that they learn how much biting hurts. Without this important socialisation this behaviour can continue with their new human owners.

Best way to deal with it is distraction. Replace arm with a toy. Kicker toys are great as the bite/hold them at one end whilst bunny kicking them at the other. Ignoring them may work may not. And lots of people endorse the 'act like another kitten' approach and yelp or hiss showing them that it hurts and you disapprove.
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Kittens and sometimes cats don't realise when they are hurting as you are not equipped with claws and teeth to return the pain. I find whenever my youngest gets a bit much if I cry "ow" in a high pitched voice she stops. It's mimicking the cry of another kitten so they realise they've gone too far and usually ease off. It's usually worse in kittens that were removed from the litter early as they didn't learn the boundaries from their litter mates or mom.


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Tiggy is now around 2 years old - she turned up a year ago and within a couple of weeks was displaying "kitten behaviour". This included the fighty bitey bit (only my hands - everyone else said she didn't bite!) She still had her kitten teeth (little needles) at the time and like any baby there is a teething process - they chew! When Tiggy got too much with the biting etc I gently held her scruff and made a disgruntled me-ow sound which stopped her in her tracks. I guess I was "Mummy". This stopped and it only happens (gently) now when she's playing. Tig has loads of toys which she does play with from balls, small catnip toys to a circuit with a flashing ball. Today, however she preferred to chase a fly that had the mis-fortune to find its way into the house - bad move for the fly - great fun for Tiggy x


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Ha ha.... Tiggy caught up with this one on the floor, clobbered it with her paw, lost it and caught it again several times - then it flew off hotly persued by Tiggy into the conservatory where she felled several things in the chase. To be honest I am not sure who won - the fly or Tiggy x


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.......and through Christmas trees - Tiggy last year - she enjoyed Christmas very much x

Tiggy up the Christmas Tree 7.jpg

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