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  1. KayMarie

    KayMarie Full Member

    Hi everyone, Im Kayleigh, I'm 25 and a nurse from Leeds :) I started Lighter Life today (group was last night) and am starting a diary to keep me focused (I hope haha)

    This is my THIRD time on the diet, first time I didn't get to two weeks, and the second I think I managed one week. I just felt sorry for myself, allowed myself to wallow and failed because of it. Well this time, it's different, I has to be. I'm not gonna focus on the diet all the time, instead I'm gonna focus on everything else around me, this is just a thing I am doing alongside my life, not MY life!

    Current weight is 129.2kg's, weigh in is on a monday and I have 6 months until I walk down the aisle and want 6 stone off, atleast! Wish me luck. Any advice and help would be so much appreciated! Day one hasn't been too bad, flirted between feeling positive and on control to 'oh god, what have I let myself in for' but I was miserable fat, so ot can't continue.

    Been to the gym tonight, took it easy, 20mons on the bike and 10 on the treadmill, nothing heavy, will continue light gym routine infill I get past the first couple of weeks!

    Nice to meet you all :)
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  3. Curvy1

    Curvy1 Full Member

    Hi welcome ... You will find loads of support on this forum ... It is a tough journey but we can all get through it together !! There are a few of us in the early days I have just completed 2 weeks and trust me if you can get through the first few weeks it will get easier !! Good luck
  4. kathryn B

    kathryn B Full Member

    Hi Kayleigh well done for restarting. You can do it this time as getting married is a huge incentive. I'm also a ryesteryear, had my first weigh in yesterday. Lost 12lb - this is a great diet!!
  5. kathryn B

    kathryn B Full Member

    Ryesteryear??! Meant to type restarter!!
  6. tannert

    tannert Full Member

    Hi - Welcome

    I am on day 11 so pretty early on too and also restarter, you are not alone here!

  7. KayMarie

    KayMarie Full Member

    Thanks for the replies people, really appreciate it. Today has been alright, little bit sickly and that but nothing heavy. Feeling tired like I just wanna go home and lay on the couch and watch tv LOL
  8. tannert

    tannert Full Member

    Ah that tiredness, terrible I was actually falling asleep at my desk on the 2nd day! It does pass though, it kinda helps cos you just want to go to bed early so no chance of snacking..

  9. KayMarie

    KayMarie Full Member

    I would describe as more weakness really. I'm drinking one of those broth things now, they're not bad really!
  10. KayMarie

    KayMarie Full Member

    Second day of lighter life. Not too bad, feeling hunger more, kind sicky/empty feeling and flitting thoughts of 'oh god what have I let myself in for", "I've set myself up for failure because I've failed every other time" and "I really really feel determined", infant, it's not even determination I feel it's just it, it's just no choice, which I've felt like before when I did we'll on Slimming World. Then of course, all the feeling of, we'll I should just do a normal diet but that quickly follows by "but that DOES NOT work for you Kayleigh, you don't stick to it, choice is too difficult etc... And it's not an option.

    Work was slightly stressful today, just a few things up in the air and some greyish areas that are clogging up my judgement and I need to work through. Automatically, a day like that would mean I would come home and eat something nice to appease myself, we'll I haven't got that at the minute, so that's hard. To the point that I worry my stress levels will increase and therefore anxiety kick in because I'm not comforting eating. I know comforting eating doesn't make it better but was masking it, which I know isn't good but means I have to DEAL with it now, which I'm a bit nervous about.

    I've definitely been irritable, but I'll pull through, it's not forever, I feel I little writing this but that's , it's an emotion that's fine to feel. In bed now, got work tomorrow and **** loads to get through and vets with Mila tomorrow night, so I'm off to sleep, plus, it's ludicrously cold. Lets see what day 3 brings.
  11. Curvy1

    Curvy1 Full Member

    hey feeling cold on this diet is normal- especially when it it -5 outside !!! One thing I will say from experience is that if you can get through the first week it does get easier. Also you need to have yur head in the right place - else you will find that you keep restarting the first few days again and again... Stick with it and you will get support from everyone on here x
  12. KayMarie

    KayMarie Full Member

    Thanks Curvy, day three has been better during the day, tonight was a little struggle so I took myself off to the bath for 2 hours and sang along to karaoke songs on youtube haha! I'm just not paying any attention to my mind really, we'll trying not to. If I do have flickering thoughts of nervousness for what else I'm gonna feel, but instead of finding myself internally arguing about should I shouldn't I, like last time, I just shut myself up and think, head down, once it's one your done, won't be long, which Is a big mind shift from the last time I was on it.

    I guess I'm really lucky as well, my really close friend and colleague at work has been song it for 3 months and lost nearly 4 stone and she really supports me and I really support her, it helps that we're both psychiatric nurses too haha we CBT the chuff out of each other haha, our mantra is, practice what we preach, distraction, mindfulness and mind over mood!

    I just really can't wait for weigh in on Monday, i hope I lose loads and it spurs me on!
  13. tannert

    tannert Full Member

    It is so good to have someone to look to for inspiration, it makes it possible! My friend lost 6 stone but with Rosemary Connely and she is truely my inspiration too. Suddenly I became the fat friend lol but she is so supportive of me and wants me to be happy.

    Your nearly through the hardest bit, plain sailing from here.

  14. Minerva

    Minerva ...passing through.

    First week is by far the worst, stay strong!! I've also got about 5-6 months on this plan, day 18 so far, a bit annoyed as to how long it's going to take and how did it come to this, but oh well, such is life! We all make mistakes and the only way to learn is to try again. :D

    Would sticking a picture of a wedding dress help in the kitchen? It's a small practical reminder of what you are trying to aim for. :) May help those crooked thoughts, they do creep up on us all!

  15. KayMarie

    KayMarie Full Member

    I think in all honesty I wouldn't pay much attention to it. I have made a fat collage, and when I feel like I wanna eat, I try and look at inspirational quotes and stories, specially to do with lighter life. I'm struggling at the moment but about to have my last shake of the night, infant, I might have some porridge. I think I have felt down today because the weekend is ahead of me and usually that involves lots of food, social events including food etc... And this weekend it doesn't and The weekend after next and the weekend after next etc... But I just have to suck it up. That's the be all and end all.

    I just want to be thin, nothing else. Thin.
  16. tannert

    tannert Full Member

    Weekends can be a struggle to begin with, but I am actually enjoying getting up fresh and having full days to enjoy instead of having groggy head after too much wine!! There are benefits and pains to this plan, keep at it, it is definitely worth it!

  17. KayMarie

    KayMarie Full Member

    So far, so good this weekend. Not a morsal of conventional food has passed my lips since I started but today j am struggling SO much. I'm not due a shake for another few hours and my belly is grumbling and I feel proper unsettled hunger. I haven't felt this for a few days. I''ve just had a bath, I'm in my bedroom watching films on my iPad and putting the clothes away and then I'm gonna pluck and tint but seriously, I just am really really struggling. The only thing stopping me is weigh in tommorow and the fact that I know I will feel completely **** if I give in.

  18. 19JB87

    19JB87 Full Member

    Hi there,
    I'm not on the same diet plan as you are, but I just wanted to say - You can do it!!
    I'm here for the same reason, I'm getting married later this year, too. Just keep thinking of how amazing it will be and how you will be so proud of all the hard work, for those few minutes of walking down the aisle and the whole congregation thinking how amazing you look.

    Keep at it - it will be so hard to start off with, but you WILL get there. xxx
  19. KayMarie

    KayMarie Full Member

    Thanks for the encouragement! Its mean a lot, especially as you're getting married too. I just need to keep thinking if my dress and my honeymoon, I refuse to struggle with the airplane seatbelt this year!!
  20. 19JB87

    19JB87 Full Member

    Absolutely - just keep that in your mind and you will succeed! :)
    I plan on losing as much as is humanly possible before our big day! I'll keep dropping by, seeing how you're doing! :)

    Keep your head up high & do it for YOU! :) xxx
  21. Tilleymonster

    Tilleymonster Full Member

    Hello love! I'm a 2013 bride too and on this for same reason. Was 15 stone 5 this time last year, lost a bit on Weightwatchers - boo hiss - and then went back to LighterLife. Lost 2 stone in 6 weeks before Xmas and the fell off the wagon and have found it really hard to get back on. So my advice is, no matter what, eating something will NOT make it better or cheer you up, it just makes it harder. On day 2 of back on the wagon, trying to get the next 2 - 3 stone off. Having a panic as have to order my dress this week, and they say I can have a bit of time to slim further, but I think that's weeks, not months! Going to have to accept they'll be taking it in when it arrives. Oh - that was quite positive wasn't it - that I believe it will need to be taken in!

    Anyway, so just keep going, I'll keep checking in. I'm on day 2 today and no more mucking about. Although, I've left my handbag at home with all of today's packs in it so this is not going to be fun. i have a couple of broth sachets on my desk at work and some fizzy water so it's going to be a very tough day. but you know what, I'm all the more determined because of that!!! xx

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