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6 week wedding challenge!

Discussion in 'Slim and Save - Diaries' started by hazza_b84, 15 July 2014 Social URL.

  1. hazza_b84

    hazza_b84 Member

    It is time to get serious! I am always on a diet but never seem to get to target. Hopefully this will sound familiar to a few of you as I would hate to think I am the only one in this world struggling with PCOS and a weight problem! I am getting married in 6 weeks time (soooo exciting!!) and even though I have known of my wedding date since January and been on several diets since Jan I am only 1 stone slimmer than I started. Which is better than being heavier but my god, even for me this is slow progress!!

    I have tried (and failed) slim and save many times but this time I HAVE to do it. I would like to lose at least another stone before 23rd Aug so I am setting myself this challenge. I am going to need a lot of encouragement so any kind words would be greatly appreciated :)

    When I am back from our honeymoon I will then be doing a slower paced diet to slim down and be able to get the fertility treatment my other half and I so desperately want!

    I am on day 2 and have been 100% so far - go me! And yes I already had a cheeky look on the scale and it showed a 3lb loss. I know that's water weight but it still helps my motivation haha!

    Today's food plan looks like this....

    Breakfast - Cappuccino shake (first time I had this and I really enjoyed it!)
    Lunch - Cottage pie (this is my fave so you will see this in my food journal a lot...)
    Dinner - Green pepper stuffed with spicy spaghetti and salad
    Snack - chocolate/orange truffa bar (popped in the microwave for 15 secs to make it gooey, warm and bl00dy delicious :p)
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  3. Tequila1

    Tequila1 Full Member

    Hazza! You're getting married - awwww - how lovely.
    I can't believe I wrote on my diary that you should have some incentive to help you through the first few weeks, and you couldn't have a bigger incentive could you? Just think of the photos!
    I'm absolutely sure that you can do this and lose AT LEAST one stone before you get married. This week will be rough, but now that you know that, you'll be equipped to deal with it so no excuses now. Early nights, baths, walks - they'll all help you pass the time until you find the strength to get through it without a distraction.
    I'm sure you'll be a stunning bride and once you're back in the swing of things after the wedding, you'll be able to post some pics on here of your wedding day & you'll be able to do so with pride!
  4. zeke

    zeke Gold Member

    Congratulations on your engagement and losing some weight already! I know you say 'only 1 stone' but I managed to gain weight in the run up to both of my weddings, despite needing to lose some so...well done!!

    Yes - go you! Completing the first day is a major hurdle and you are a good way through day 2 as well. I'm only on day 4 but I have definitely found that day 3 was easier than 2 and day 4 is definitely much easier!
  5. hazza_b84

    hazza_b84 Member

    Awww thanks Tequila1 :) you are so right, it's the biggest incentive ever! Thank you for your tips! The bath is running as we speak haha!!

    Thank you also Zeke! I'm also really relieved to hear that day 3 is easier as day 2 has definitely been harder. My stomach has been making really loud growling noises - I think it is protesting to the lack of food :)

    I'm going to do this and I WILL be posting some pictures.

    Where are you guys at with this diet? How long have you both been doing it? X
  6. Tequila1

    Tequila1 Full Member

    This is my 12th week and so far I've lost 3st 12lbs. But I had a weekend off around week 10.
  7. cheekychick81

    cheekychick81 Gold Member

    Oooops posted in error...

    Have a good day :)
    Last edited: 16 July 2014
  8. hazza_b84

    hazza_b84 Member

    Tequila1 that's a fab loss in 12 weeks - well done!!

    I am on to day 3, no sign of ketosis (as I am typing I assessing how my head feels to see if there is the slightest hint of a headache or not) but I did go over board on Sunday with making the most of eating carbs :eek:

    I am definitely not as hungry today as I was yesterday which is good. Sneaky look on the scales also showed I have lost 5.5 lbs so far so I am really pleased with how this going so far!

    Today's food in-take looks like this....

    Breakfast: Strawberry shake
    Lunch: Four cheese pasta + Coke Zero (and my pasta didn't come out crunchy! whoo hoo!)
    Dinner: Cottage pie
    Snack: chocolate shake (heated I think whilst watching re-runs of Don't Tell The Bride)

    I am feeling positive, here is to another 100% day :)

    I hope everybody else is having a good day too!
  9. Tequila1

    Tequila1 Full Member

    Wow that loss is great and really motivating! Well done.
    I nearly cried this morning when my porridge overflowed in the microwave . Its my favourite pack and I seriously considered eating it from the microwave. .. I've also got a cottage pie for tea. I have to add plenty of salt but I do like it so that might make up for the breakfast disaster.
  10. hazza_b84

    hazza_b84 Member

    Oh noooo! I had the same with my lunch at work the other day. I think it was the carbonara, which ever it was I literally only got half a serving!

    Do you know how long it took you to get in to ketosis and how you knew you were definitely in it? I'm feeling really tired this evening and I'm hoping I wake up tomorrow and I'm in ketosis and feel a lot better because I feel really drained.

    I was offered dinner at my friends house this evening and had to decline. That was the first time I ever suck to my guns and turned down food somebody else was offering me. I usually can't say no when I feel like someone wants me to do something because I don't like to upset any one but I am being selfish and focussing on me at the moment :)

    Here is to day number 4! Good night all!
  11. hazza_b84

    hazza_b84 Member

    Day 4 I am finding a struggle. A massive part of me is questioning why I am doing this diet. Of course I know why I am doing it but the questions I am really asking myself is, is there an easier way? Which there obviously isn't if I want to lose a significant amount of weight in a short space of time.

    I have a bit of headache today and this morning I had a weird taste in my mouth which was like nail varnish remover but that seems to have subsided now which is strange. Or maybe I am just not noticing it! haha! When I woke up and realised my "death breath" a part of me was scared about being in ketosis and altering the way my body usually functions. I am over that now but I didn't expect to feel that way....

    I am up to a loss of 7lbs now which is amazing and is the only thing I am keeping in mind at the moment to stop myself from blowing it. That, and how I will look in my wedding photos.

    My achievement of the day so far was declining an ice cream that our manager bought us all because the air con in our office is pants. Go me!

    So to summarise, day 4 = really hard! haha!
  12. Tequila1

    Tequila1 Full Member

    Yes, day 4 is hard. I actually think that my day 8 was the worst, but then on day 9 I woke up with a burst of energy. Hang in there. Plan plan plan. That'll get you through it. What are you doing later? Going out? Staying in? What are you going to do instead of eating?
    And be positive: You've already lost half a stone in half a week! That's flipping amazing....and you deserve that loss. And you said no to an ice cream - that's my favourite food and its so hard to say no to it in summer. But you've been ace - well done. x
  13. Skinny girl

    Skinny girl Full Member

    Sounds like you are being really good and sticking to it all.....I am on Day 13 and it is just a way of life now, it helps that I went through the packs when they first arrived and bundled them up into 4 packs with an elastic band around them and the date then that way I don't even have to think about it I can just grab my days packs. I have found that has made it easy and also means I won't be left with my least favoured packs at the end. Not liking the Four Cheese Pasta one, the smell is not pleasant but am loving the Carbonara one.

    Keep at it, it is so worth it and this time I am determined to keep the weight off.
  14. cf70

    cf70 Full Member

    You sound like you are doing really really well! And your meals sound much more delicious than mine! I agree day 4 was very hard...this will be our first weekend on the diet so good luck to both of us!
  15. JunGuzman01

    JunGuzman01 Member

    Congratulations!!! I think you can do it. Fighting!!!
    :cool: :cool: :cool: :cool: :cool:
  16. Tequila1

    Tequila1 Full Member

    How are you getting on hazza?

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