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62 weeks to go until back in Florida!

I cannot wait!! I've been back less than a month from my first ever visit for our honeymoon and just had THE most amazing time! Last time we stayed in the Disney area in a Hilton hotel but this time we're staying in a disney hotel and we're on the deluxe Disney dining plan too!! Super excited xx xx
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I'm excited for you! What hotel are you staying in? I stayed at Coronado Springs the last time I went about 2 years ago. It was amazing, big lake in the middle and the pools were awesome. I got the dining plan too and from that point went into super organization mode. I don't know if they have changed the way they do things but sit in restaurants fill up fast and the booking start 90 days in advance. Call just to see if its still the case if it is plan on what parks you go to what days and plan your restaurants accordingly.

I was seriously bitten by the disney bug at a young age so there's not much hope for me. It has to be organised fun when it comes to disney for me if cos I want to get the most out of it. So just in case you want to be a disneyworld super freak like me I was addicted to Disney World - The Largest Unofficial On-Line Guide to Disney World, Walt Disney World
Disney World Planning Tools

My boyfriends brother is getting married in the US in November i'm trying to persuade the boyfriend to go a few days early so we can go to disney for a few days.

If you need any info just ask :)
Sillykitten, thanks for all that it's fab!! We are staying at Saratoga springs near downtown Disney!! My husband was v.organised when we went at easter and before I'd been I thought it was strange planning a holiday so much but now I understand it all!! :) organised fun is definitely te best way to do Disney!! Already started planning! Hehe!!

Likeasweetshop x
This makes me feel better, I was a little fed up as its 27 weeks until we go.

I'm so excited, we wanted to go near Christmas so we can experience, 'snow' on main street:D & the Christmas parades.

This time though the children are doing the theme parks & we're on doing a few but going walking instead.

We are going to KSC & there is a rocket launch planned for when we're there, hopefully I'll be able to get tickets:D:D:D
Sweet shop: Saratoga springs looks gorgeous! Are you in the disney vacation club cos i thought that you needed to be to stay there? (could be wrong)

Hi happy holidays (apt name for this thread lol) Awesome about the launch:) Never seen one always wanted to, fingers crossed for you getting tickets. Only been to disney once around christmas and well needless to say if they can spread that much magic the rest of the year christmas is a whole other level! So many memories, it was the biggest gang of us ever that visit, 7 of us including my nephew who was only a few months old, he's 17 now, where does the time go? The pictures are still on the wall and it was like yesterday.

Am i the only one who gets a bit teary eyed at the whole experience? I should say adult really because I know kids like to throw the odd wobbler in the parks but for me especially at the fireworks I just well up and I've started to cry a few times, I dunno if that makes me crazier than your average crazy disney lady but it's out there now. Awww Im so jealous now! I need my disney fix! Either of you been to Disney land paris? Went once a few years ago and really liked it but its not the same.... maybe a midweek break to curb the disney cravings lol
I've not been to disneyland paris, somehow I just don't think they'll 'do' it right.

I feel quite excited/emotional already about going to Florida in December. I took a look at the websites you mentioned & one in particular was very good.

It's funny, we've been quite a few times to Florida & you forget how many more things there are to do whilst there, it's not just about theme parks.

My 19 year old daughter was chatting about Florida & when we go in December & she said Decembershe knows it won't be her last time she'll be there;)

It really is such a magical place, exciting...........
Those websites are fab!! Thanks so much for those!! We're not vacation club members-have booked through virgin holidays and got a brill deal-$300 to spend while there, free dining (we paid to upgrade to deluxe) and an upgraded Disney ticket!!

I bet going in December is absolutely amazing!! Think we'll save up for that when we have little ones!! ;-) sooo excited for you!! xx
happy holidays- there's a place about, well, I would say 2 hours away (my dad drives like a lunatic and gets there in an hour and a half) from orlando near st.petersburg called fort desoto part, its got some of the most beautiful beaches, photos online really dont do it justice, it has bbq areas play ground etc and from there you can get to a place called egmont key, they do 4 hour snorkeling/ dolphin watching excursions from there so beautiful! St.Petersburg is well worth a visit any way, The Don Cesar is a huge pink hotel on st. pete beach and they have a really nice ice cream shop, and next door if you're looking for a cocktail theres a place called the undertow which I frequented for a bit, really friendly staff..... thats all i can think of right now. Oh how I wish I was there right now!
The strip along the main beach in st. pete might be a little bit touristy but nothing in comparison to orlando in my opinion. Well it never really was for me when I was growing up I spent most of my winters there. My dad works in the states for the winter months and based himself in st.petersburg clever man that he is escaping to the sun at any time possible.
Wooo....only 49 weeks now x
Bet you're soooo excited!!! Just think it was 13 weeks since I started this thread and that time has flown by!! xx
I know my cousin (who i'm going with) has warned me that I will fall in love with it there and will have major holiday blues when I get back lol. I will be turning 25 out there and have booked a character dinner at garden grill in epcot lol. Can't waitttt :D
I know my cousin (who i'm going with) has warned me that I will fall in love with it there and will have major holiday blues when I get back lol. I will be turning 25 out there and have booked a character dinner at garden grill in epcot lol. Can't waitttt :D
Wow that will be brill. Let us know what it was like & photos if poss:D

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