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A question to any CDC or those with experience.

Does one have to buy a minimum of 21 or 28 products per week for the service and weigh in?

I have my supplies , I am using the US formula which I prefer and I am going to a diet club for support and weigh ins now cos I need something, but it would be preferable to go to a CDC once a week..

But I do not need much and i won't stockpile. At most I would buy 7-10 products? Is this doable, does anyone do this or does CD HQ have a minimum that people need to be buying? or is it down to the CDC discretion?


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as far as I know its down to each individual CDC . I am sure most would be happy with you buying 7-10 a week as they make money on each pack , and there will be people on plans who only use 1 pack a day , so I guess its worth contacting a CDC and asking :)
G: 9st8lb
Hi Katie,

thanks..and you must be right and its not that I will want a long pep talk or anything I just want to be able to have a place to ask questions that are VLCD specific.



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My CDC lets me buy as few or many as I need


please try again
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my cdc has just started of a policy of if you dont buy anything then she charges £10 fee. shes had alot of clients who arnt sticking to it so arnt buying anything but are turning up every week for weigh in and a chat ( and that woman can talk, took me 45 minutes of saying i better get going before i made it out the door )


please try again
S: 23st6lb C: 17st7lb G: 9st0lb BMI: 44.8 Loss: 5st13lb(25.3%)
yep, lucky for me ive never spent less than £20 at my weekly weigh in


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Mine has a minimum of half the weekly products needed but having said that she has let me miss weeks if I have managed to stockpile them. Mine is very flexible and lovely, I think a lot of them are.
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Mine has no minimum order - when I had stockpiled over Christmas, I went one week and just bought 3 packs for the following week (ooops!)

Whats the US formula please?



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Here is a sticky that explains things pretty well. I prefer the US products because they have a line called Food-For-Life which is soy based and seems to agree with me better. However, the UK CD has a wider variety of flavours and is easier to obtain. The formulation is that the nutrition is set to USDA standards verses EU. Either should be fine for VLCD.


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well folks, on balance, cos I do not want anyone feeling they are doing me a favour-, and it is a business after all,( but I think the CDC who wants to charge £10 just for folk who are not buying and who just want to talk is not expecting them to pay that, just hoping they will stop showing up)

I'll ring around but if the WW meeting continues to be warm and chaotic( she has a huge crowd) I'll just stick with fleshy support there and here I'll get my VLCD support ..come to think of it, what will I get extra, i don't really need the product, I like the bars, but I am happy enough to use a different brand and I have enough water flavourings and crystal-lite. I'll keep the option, optional.

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Sounds like a plan :)

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