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8 Glasses of water a day?


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[This is taken from the Metro newspaper, Monday November 9th 2009]

You should drink 8 glasses of water a day ...

This myth comes from an American Nutrition Council report from 60 years ago in which scientists said people should have 64 ounces (2 litres) of liquid a day. They made the number up, there's no science behind it. They also said you'll get that from a normal diet, from fluid in fruit and vegetables, and in tea or coffee. It somehow morphed into the idea of 8 glasses. That has been built up by the bottled water industry, which suggests water can help with weight loss or it benefits your skin. No study ever has shown these things to be true. Drink water if you feel thirsty but don't feel you need to consume all this excess water each day.
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It is a myth, as most food have water anyway.the 8 glasses has no scientific evidence!
Thanks Ladiesboy, interesting read.
I must admit thought I always feel better drinking more water, less head aches, less spots and of course eating less food as my tummy is full.
Yep! Its a good 'clearing out' process... makes you feel a lot healthier! x


Slow but sure....
I always drink my 2 litre bottle of water every day, besides my other drinks, I enjoy it and I'm sure my skin is enjoying it too - at my age getting de-hydrated means wrinkles, LOL....


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Yep, my skin gets better. It clears toxins from your body, helps flush nasties from your kidneys etc. Improves concentration etc etc. And you need to drink lots when you exercise too! Xx
Well since starting SW I am drinking more water every day than I ever have... but yet... my eczema has appeared within the last week, and it hasnt shown itself for years and years, and I get the odd spot now too, which I never had before...
maybe its the water flushing all that crap away that has been building up for years.????
Although you may not need '8' glasses your body needs water to aid digestion - all that fibre backing up without liquid to help shift it only has one outcome! ;) There's nothing to say it's a bad 'urban myth' as all the above beenfits have shown!

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