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8 stone to loose!!

I know I can do it...ive done it b4!!
I started at 17st...went to 12st...then went upto 22st came down to 14st 11lbs and after quite a traumatic year have ended up at 18st 12lbs
So I guess Im back to the starting post again...I wont bore u with the ins and outs of my woes...u can look back at my older posts if ur bored enuff lol
Any buddies for this problem child welcome!!
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Hi Red
We're in much the same boat you know. I've been yo-yoing up and down for years but my latest dip and rise have been quite dramatic. I went from 22st to 15st in 2003 then back up to 19st before starting CD in March 2006.
By Christmas 2006 I was 12st 7lb. Then because of events in 2007, everything went to the wall and I'm now back up to 18st+

I'm seeing my CDC on Jan 4th so I'll have the 'official' weigh in then but I'm more or less where I started.
Like you say Red, we've done it once ... we can do it again.

When are you officially 'starting'?
I'm off to see my CDC next thursday and will start SSing on friday...Oh snap the 4th!!
I remember reading some of you earlier posts....You taught me how to make my favourite Psyllium Porridge mmmmm :)
Sorry you've had a hard year...*HUGZ*
Good luck with ur restart...I'll be lookin out for u!!


Taking Back Control...!!!
I too will be restarting after going up and down like a yo-yo.....:eek: October 2005 - June 2006 lost over 6 stone going from 18.13lbs down to 12.10lbs..... slowly the pounds crept back up as I thought I could 'go it alone..':rolleyes: Anyway, last year wasn't the best of years - though nothing compared to others.... needless to say the weight has spiralled well out of control and am just over 19stone now....:eek: Need to contact my new CDC and see the doc (BMI is 40+....) and get started.... am in Newcastle for the meet next weekend so realistically am starting when I return.... 7th or 8th at latest....

Ladies we have done it before and proved we can do it so we have to dig deep inside ourselves and find the willpower, grit and determination we had before and come the summer we'll be bluddy stunning... OK even more stunning than we are.....:D

Get to it girls.... we can do this!!
It's good to know we're not alone :)


Strong women stay slim
Shows that you can do this red as you have done this B4 ! so you really can do it . Go for it .
Good Luck everyone!
We're defo not alone, look at all these posts!
I start 2moro, 5th Jan.
Can't wait!!! Keep us posted on how your first few days go Red!!

Love Daisy