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8 wasted months- now I mean business....


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This is my last ever weight loss diary.

I'm Jen :wave_cry:, 43, married and could really have lost all that excess weight already had I not wasted the last 8 months fannying about and not getting stuck into a diet properly.

I'm angry with myself- no one else to blame and promise to make it work this time. Just to remind myself of recent failures:

Jan 08- SW (joined group)
Sept 08- Tesco E diets
June 09- Atkins
Sept 09- Go Lower
Nov 09- SW (at home)
Jan 10- SW (joined group)
April 10- SW (at home)

I am now the heaviest I have ever been by half a stone :sigh: and have joined WW on 18.5.10. Not done WW for at least 10 years and happy to have a new plan to follow and learn about.

Today is d2 and I'm feeling positive and motivated. I really want this to work and believe it will. I've got to plan meals, recognise danger areas and stay positive.

The past is the past and I cant change that- what matters now is the future.....

I want to be healthier, more confident, fitter, sexier, more active and proud of myself.

I do not want to be buying clothes in a size 18 that are too tight, getting back and joint pains, overeating till I feel sick and looking old and frumpy.

I enjoyed my first WW group- nice folk and had a laugh- and am on 25 points at present. Cant wait untill it goes down to 24!

Love reading all the diaries on here and thats what inspired me this morning to chip in myself. Would love to get to know some of you for support and friendship along the way. Please feel free to add to this rambling if you like.

I promise myself to take it day by day and week by week and to keep whats really important to me in mind.

I'm here for me and the future.

Love Jen. x
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Jo Slim

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Hi Jen,

we sound so alike, I must have tried every plan over the years:rolleyes: I,ve reverted back to WW again & this time I mean business;)

Good luck:D
Hi Jen,

Welcome! They are a lovely lot in here and the support makes all the difference.

You could be describing me when you say I could really have lost all that excess weight already had I not wasted the last 8 months fannying about and not getting stuck into a diet properly.
Good luck with your weightloss journey!x


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Thanks Emma and Jo.:)

Well D3 today and a bit more of a challenge as I was on a study day with work in a very nice hotel and it was the dreaded buffet for lunch! A real test of willpower for me.....

I had a chicken breast (removed skin) bread roll ( no butter) salad and coleslaw. Said no to the lovely looking puds as none were healthy enough looking and then was easily persuaded by my colleages to have a tub of lush vanilla ice cream (Joes) on the way home as so hot and stuck in traffic for ages.

I just got home and totted it all up to about 16 points!

And tonight is traditionally curry night in our house - so Looks like I'll be over my points whatever I choose from the menu> Will try to go for chicken tikka and salad with just a couple of popadoms. No vino for me tonight. :(

Still I went to a Zumba class last night and earnt 2 activity points which I'll add to the 7 points I have left over from days 1 +2. Prob still go over though and have to be careful for the rest of the week.

I was the youngest by about 20 years at the zumba class :confused: (!) but God my hips are aching today and it was a laugh as I'm **** at dancing.

welcome to the boards jen, good luck with the rest of d3 and d4 onwards :) xxx


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Thanks Rachael, you are doing very well. Cant wait till I'm 2 stone down.

Well, First WW weekend gone and weather was fab! Today d6. Was very good saturday and managed to reclaim the points I estimated I was over after Friday, but then on Sunday was dragged kicking and screaming (not) to the chinese buffet. I did eat alot less than normal and didn't really enjoy it as much as usual either. No idea of the points I scuffed mind, and don't even want to know. Hope I havent ruined an otherwise good week. It is hard with my hub being a skinny beanpole who can eat anything and not put on weight- and he loves going out for fryed brekkies or chinese or fish and chips at the weekend....Don't really know how to get around this without being totally selfish... and thats not me.

Getting abit nervous about my first WI now on Tues.

Jen. x


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Well, First week over and it was good!

WI last night 3lbs off and feel like I'm on my way....
I'm not disappointed either that its not a hugh amount- I'd rather do this steadily and healthily- as long as it keeps coming off and I can have the odd treat along the way. My 25 points feels like plenty and I can honestly say I haven't been hungery after eating them at all.

I feel in control and it feels great :D

New tracker for a new week- onwards...


Loves the Nom Nom!!!
Well done!!!

you know on your curry night, why not make your own?? Then you have complete control over what goes in it and you could always have a real curry after you've weighed in.


..crawling after ze wagon
Well done on your loss - and I do think that 3lbs are pretty good, esp as you had that countless chinese :D

Your doing great, and you can always calculate take-aways etc in - as long as you know of them well in advance that is :D

Oh, and I am the same with 'should've been at goal a long time ago if I'd stuck to it', always came back to WW though :D

Welcome again!
Thanks Meike and Shabba for the ideas.

Curry night (friday) is a long long standing tradition in our house and I don't think it will ever change now- but am gonna stick to the dry tikka style, salad and a couple of popadoms (no rice or nan bread) and hopefully it wont ruin the diet if I point it properly- Which I will. The chinese Buffet was a mistake- too greasy and no healthy choices- will not be going back in a hurry and have told OH this and hes ok bout it. Thankfully he wants me to do well and tries (in his own unique way) to support me.

D8 already and I think my knickers feel kinda baggier already. Can this be possible? Zumba class again tonight.


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