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8 weeks to my bridal body (not panicking yet!)

Ok, so as the title says, I've got 8 weeks to get slim. :eek: On the 29th June I have my dress fitting ready for my 28th July wedding. :character00250: I have already lost 20 lbs with Slimming World bringing me from 166lbs to 146lbs. I basically want to lose as much as possible in the next 8 weeks. Another 20 would be good but not sure if it's possible. I'm basically going to do all I can for the next 8 weeks. After my fitting I won't really be able to lose any more or the dress will be too big!!!

Any tips, advice, help will be much appreciated!!

This is my diary..................
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Right today..........
B: Not had anything yet, but thinking a banana in a bit.
L: Noodles made with stock, chilli's, cheese, and something superfree on the side (side salad)
D: Making kfc style chicken drumsticks tonight with homemade wedges and veg on the side.

Syns: 125ml red wine 4.5 syns. 1/4 mars bar 3.5 syns (already cut up in fridge - was given as a gift from my oh, was not too impressed at the time!). That's 8 syns. Drinking 2 litres fluid (mainly sugar free squash). Any other nibbles to be superfree.
Right well, didn't have breakfast (ooops!) and ate an orange to start my lunch so my superfree comes from there. Went a bit overboard with the chillies in the noodles and now have a mouth that is on fire. On the plus side, though, it means I'm drinking plenty!!!
Dinner was lush!!! Had 2 kfc style chicken drumsticks, sw chips, 2 mini corn on the cobs and mixed veg. Finished that off with a glass of red wine (4.5 syns) and 1/2 a mars (7). Might have a gin and slimline tonic to top it all off (2.5). That equals 14 syns. That is definately the best Saturday I've had in a VERY long time!! :) xx
Oh, and turned down a night out tomorrow (I hate going out and being sober in the middle of people drinking - and too many syns in booze!). I feel saintly!!!
Good luck with loosing for your wedding!!!:)
Just seen this.....Thank you!!!

Right, bank holiday weekend and Sunday. Like I said I've turned down a night out (got to remember I can drink and eat what I want on honeymoon!!). Food plan for today.....
B: Bacon, egg, beans, fruit.
L: Got leftovers from the chicken drumsticks last night so maybe them and some salad.
D: Lamb chops, potatoes, veg.

Thinking about synning some gravy and mint sauce other than that my syns will be a glass of wine (4.5) and 1/4 mars bar (3.5) so 8 syns.
Just looked, gravy looks around 2 syns. 1 tbsp of mint sauce is 1. That's an extra 3 so 11 syns today :)
OMG!!! What a difficult day. It's the bank holiday weekend that does it. Managed last night well but today has been so much more difficult. Stopped for a couple of glasses of wine in a pub and was desperate for some food there........it looked and smelt good. After a lot of arguing with myself (!) I asked my oh to take me home. Here we had spaghetti carbonara instead of the lamb and I made a cheesy garlic bread with a slice of bread, low fat butter, garlic and cheese from my he. With the wine and that I'm around 18 syns today. Over by 3 but it could have been a whole lot worse. I'll make sure I'm under by 3 tomorrow (max of 12) and then today won't have been bad. Have been craving sweet treats all day and now feeling saintly (even though I've gone slightly over!) xx
Had an apple for breakfast this morning followed by a 4 mile run. Now having noodles for lunch and some strawberries and yesterday's lamb chops for dinner. So hopefully a very positive day :) xx
Right then.....today:
B: an apple
L: Tesco value noodles with stock, chilli flakes and cheese
D: Lamb dinner (3 syns - prob less because there's gravy and mint sauce left but I'll stick with that.)
Syns: Wine 4.5, chocolate 3.5

Total syns: 11

Exercise: 4.2 mile run :) Did walk slightly but we've got one heck of a hill that goes on for about 3/4-1 mile solid! Ran the first 1/4-1/2 mile and the walk/ran the rest. ran the rest of the route though so very pleased with that.

Good day alltogether then!

I've also made my lunch for the next 2 days. Had passata left over from a meal a couple of days ago and cooked that up with some onions, chilli flakes, bacon and pasta. That's ready now, just got to grate some cheese in the morning to put on it. xx
Back to work after the nice long weekend - inset day so no children though!!

Today's menu:
B: Banana, grapefruit, alpen light bar (1/2 heb)
S: Apple
L: Pasta with homemade sauce (0 syns, plenty of superfree), pineapple, strawberries.
D: Jacket potato with homemade stew (syn free again and plenty of superfree).

Snacks: caramel wafer (4), wine (going to have 60ml - know it's not much, but having the taste will make me think I've had a full glass!! 2 syns).

Syns for the day 6. If I still fancy something else I can have another alpen light bar.

Weigh in tomorrow and I've been sooooooo good that I'm really nervous I'll be disappointed if I don't have a really good weight loss. Decided to try and stick to 5-7 syns a day during the week to maximise weight loss. Will be having a Wednesday night treat after weigh in, though, a doughnut this week.....yum!!!


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Good luck, looks like you had a good week. 18 syns is nothing really, people have gone over by far more than that (me included) :)
Ah thank you :) I know it won't affect me tomorrow at the weigh in because I've been under on all other days.

Had another good day today (so far). Jacket potato is in the oven, will have a small glass of vino later and a chocolate bar. If I'm still peckish I've only had half my heb so can have an alpen light bar.xx
Good luck at weigh in tomorrow. Fingers crossed for a big loss for you!
Thank you. Looking at your stats you've only just started sw?? Your stats look similar to mine, similar weight, amount to lose etc. Good luck on your journey xx
Well it's weigh in day!!! Full day at work first though! I've been 100% this week so hoping to have a really good loss. I'd love 2 or 3 lbs. 1 lb would get me my stone and a half award and I'm DESPERATE for that!! lol!!

Today's menu:
B: Grapefruit, banana, alpen light bar.
S: Apple
D: Pasta with syn free sauce, pineapple, satsumas, grapes.

That's it until weigh in..................................I'll be back!!!
Hope the weigh in went well!

Yeah just started on Sunday. Lost 3 pounds so far! (I know i shouldn't weigh myself but I am an habitual on the scales!!)

Finding the diet ok! Just had noodles, half a tin of tomatoes, half a tin of tuna, jalepenos and half fat cheese!! Yummy!! I'm pogged!

Well I lost 1 lb tonight. Disappointed in that because I worked soooo hard this week.

Positive notes though.........I've got my stone and a half award, and my bmi has just dropped into the healthy range.

Not being very healthy tonight (never am on a Wednesday night). Won't post what I'm eating because it's not fair. Straight back to normal tomorrow morning and really hoping for a bigger loss next week :)
Another day again!!!

Menu for today:

B: Omlette, banana.
S: Apple
L: Sandwich (2 wholemeal bread heb), sandwich pickle (1 syn), chicken. Pineapple, grapes, satsuma.
D: No idea yet..............

Also going to the gym after work so will get some body magic in there.

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