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810? More like 8100! *obscene food warning*


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Oh dear me, have just arrived back from a brief stay with friends (6 days) and my scales say I have put on 7lbs!!!!!! HA!

If it wasn't so ridiculous I would cry. I was supposed to go up to 810 for this week, however I just ended up off-plan as we ate out so much, and when in Yorkshire one simply must live on pie and mash and roast beef all of the time.

OK a little list of what I consumed (if squeamish look away now...)

Day 1
CD bar
slice of corned beef
KFC 2 piece chicken
Roast pork (meal, not just meat)

Day 2
Cooked brekkie- egg, mushrooms, bacon
CD bar
Roast Beef
raspberry & blackberry cheesecake (I was still religious about water and water
flavouring at this point)
Onion bhajees
poppadoms (and sides)
garlic naan
chicken tikka sizzler
half a glass of wine (which I didn't enjoy)
I would like to say here that I did avoid a whole day where ale was consumed...

Day 3
CD shake (thank goodness)
pork & rhubarb sausage toad in the hole & mash (it wasn't very nice actually :( )
cranberry topped porkpie
crisps and dip

Day 4
Egg sandwich (made me feel sick in the car)
Chicken & Mushroom Pie and mash (I'm sure it was 90% butter...I left the beans!)
Cheesecake and ice-cream
Chocolate cup-cake
Crisps n dip
(still no ale, which was good)
lots of tea with milk and coffee too...
diet coke

Day 5
Cooked brekkie of bacon, beans and mushrooms
Roast beef in onion gravy and chips (was supposed to be a sandwich but bread was making me feel poorly)
Britvic 55
jacket pot with cheese n coleslaw, couscous, 3 bean salad, tomatoes
chocolate brownie cheesecake

Day 6
CD shake
pork pie
beef hula hoops
KFC 2 piece chicken meal
coke zero

I am now home and now not suprised why I'm weighing 7lbs heavier and am not in ketosis.

I'm not listing the food here to tease people but just to look at what the hell I've consumed over the last few days. I've not binged. I've eaten socially with everyone else and eaten similar things too. If I went off plan at home there is no way that I would eat half this stuff. I had it because I was 'on holiday' and 'allowed', which in fact is total crap.

The most important thing is that each time I consumed heavy- carby- bready foods I felt incredibly sick.
I felt so very car sick at one point, nauseaus for and hour and a half and that simply doesn't happen to me.
I felt bloated, my intestines hurt, I needed the loo all the time, but felt constipated as well (sorry if TMI).

Yes I had a brief enjoyment and emotional satisfaction of eating some of these foods but the physical sensations that occurred after were not at all pleasant.

So why did I do it?

I'm now gonna have to get SSing 100%, drink constant water, go through carb withdrawal headaches to try and rid my body of the crap that is making it so lethargic and try try try to lose a couple of pounds before monday's WI. I've come so far and am cross with myself for damaging my body. Which I could feel happening in real time.

I'm gonna print this list of food out and the feelings that I had after eating it and put them on my fridge door. I'm gonna right my before and after weight down too and give myself a right good kick up the arse.

Oh and by the way...I did have a lovely time!
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don't beat yourself up, you have come so far! and you have done well to be honest about what you ate - being in denial about it and giving up due to weight gain would've been far worse. good luck getting back onto SS, we all have blips. you can do it!
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Don't worry too much, you'll loose most of that in the first few days, you are bound to have a great week one loss!

You are in a much better position now to continue to ss and follow maintenance as you know how coming straight off plan makes you feel like sh1t!

Good luck for the next few days and I hope carb withdrawal isn't too harsh for ya!

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All I can say is WOW. And I'd be slightly concerned about consuming all that in 6 days.


WILL be Slim!
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Well done for being honest hun! At least it wasnt all sneaky food behind peoples back as that would be a slippy slope...

I have NOOOOOOO idea how you consumed so much hun, no wonder you felt like throwing up...but its over and done with now! I LOVE the idea of printing that list off and describing how you feel now you've done it....carry it round with you if necessary as a reminder of what can start off as 1 meal off plan...and then turn into a loss of control.

The one thing i think you'll learn is to leave behind with this diet is food being a source of pleasure....once you can get past that, you will be able to sit in a restaurant and eat what you want, but in moderation and without a binge in sight.....
i have now accepted that i'm not good with junk food, sniffing it makes me gain half a stone....lol....and i now like me a bit more than i do food so just dont value it in that way anymore.

Stick with your first 3 day feeling again hun, its a set back but not the end so well done for getting back on that wagon!



can see the end in sight!
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Well done for getting back on track.. And very brave listing it all. I bet lots of people would be too scared or embarassed to post the details of blips or holiday food etc.


Recovering Foodaholic
S: 17st7lb C: 17st7lb BMI: 43.4 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
Thanks, peeps!

It didn't feel alot until I listed it! And as I said, it was the same as everyone else, so it wasn't out-of-control binging, it was social mealtimes and evenings!

I'm glad I feel bloated and crap, I'm gonna hold on to this feeling and get back on it!

It certainly tells me that I have a long way to go before I'm ready to start introducing food again. I am glad, however, that it didn't make me happy, it didn't give me comfort and it did make me sick! Lesson learned, methinks!

*very grateful that there's no food in my house and OH can shop by himself tomorrow!*


please try again
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well done hun for getting back on the diet, you'll be back in ketosis soon

oh and to me it doesnt look that much for 6 days out with friends, trust me i could have eaten wayyyyyyyyy more before cd


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Good Luck re-starting. My terrible mistake has been to put off re-starts for several months by which time I am heavier than ever.
I just love visiting friends up north (Lancashire, with excursions into Yorkshire) as the food is so tasty - I think I know how you felt.


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Oh hun! Welcome back!

And well done on confessing, and being true to yourself!! Thats a good thing you know!! :D

And don't be to sad, you still have loads of progress made already, you just need to get back on track :D I'm trying out this new book (while waiting :S) and its suposed to help you overcome this sort of things, maybe you want to read it as well? From what i have read so far its a 6 week programm to change your way of thinking about food. Maybe you have heard of it, its Beck's Diet Solution.

Good luck on going into ketosis again hun!! :D i know you can do it!


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Never mind

I put on 8 pounds over 2 weeks recently whilst in Florida it was gone in 5 days ;) and let me tell you, I also at times felt sick and bloated although didn't eat 'that' much LOL :) has certainly made me look at food in a different way

X x your Human ;) x x


Cambridge Consultant
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Hey Claire.
well done for being honest with yourself and listing the foods down..
Good on you for getting straight back on it the 7 lbs will be off in know time............ Drink plenty of water too.