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87lbs in a year - My battle to stop kidding myself and lose weight.


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I'm Beci. I used to be very slim, but always thought I was fat. In the last 5 years I slowly gained weight and one day, I realised I'd gone from a healthy size 12 (I'm 6foot, so any slimmer and I start to look a bit skeletal), to a massive size 22-24. I spent a lot of time kidding myself that I was fine, that I could "easily" get the weight off if I wanted to, that I would diet after university ended because it was "impossible" to diet at uni, and I was happy how I was because I was "curvy", that being bigger didn't make any difference to me etc. Any excuses you can think of, I'd told them to myself.

I'd never actively tried dieting until now. I joined slimming world on January 9th and I weighed 18st 10lbs. I weigh on a Wednesday, and my losses between then and now were
Week 1 - 5lbs
Week 2 - 3lbs
Week 3 - 1.5lbs
Week 4 - 2.5lbs
Week 5 - 4lbs

So in 5 weeks, I've lost 16lbs. If I lose another 5lbs, it'll be a stone and a half, and then another 5lbs after that would be my Club 10 goal. I have a list of small goals to hit, so that I'm not focused on my ultimate goal weight. I selected 12.5st as my UGW since it is the middle of the healthy BMI range for someone my height.

The next mini-goal for me is my Club 10, which I want to do by March 27th. I paid for a 12 week countdown at my group, and it runs out by then. So if I can say I lost 10% of my bodyweight in 12 weeks, I'd be quite happy. Especially as it would put me on track to lose the rest of the weight in the 40 weeks after! My ultimate goal is to lose all my weight by January 9th 2014. That means, on average, I need to lose just over 1.5lbs each week to make it!
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Well I had a bad day today! I lost the plot and decided to eat a 200g jar of Nutella. I haven't touched chocolate in 6 weeks and suddenly just had a moment of madness! I am not looking forward to WI on Wednesday! :(


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What's the rest of your week been like? You are doing really well, but if you don't have choc for 6 weeks-somethings going to give eventually.
It doesn't mean you've blown the whole week. Just get straight back on the plan for the next couple of days and it might not be as bad as you think xx
ps I can do a jar of nutella as well!


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Thanks! The rest of the week has been pretty good. Even the rest of today has been good. I mean, I ate the Nutella with some strawberries LOL!

I really want to get down to 16st 12lbs by March 27th and I already need to lose an average of 1.5lbs a week to do that, and 2lbs one week... I don't need any gains or STSs to get in the way! I think I just need to damage control. If I cut my syns down to the minimum of 5 per day tomorrow, Tuesday and Wednesday, and do some Body Magic, then I am hopeful I can control the damage I caused today.


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Plus, it will be so devastating to go from SOTW last week to having my first gain this week!


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Hi Beci
you dont need to cut your syns down...it wont make any difference....just go back to not exceeding 15 each dfay until weigh in.
A bit of extra body magic would be good though and might "cancel out" the nutella!!


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I hope something works because I feel really rubbish today. But it's the first major slip up I've made since starting and I knew it would happen at some point.