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9 stone to lose and feeling positive

Hiya, i took the plunge yesterday and restarted slimming world after i am sure my scales coughed and said one at a time please,
i need to lose 9 and a half stone and have decided to break each week into a little 3 pound mini target to make it seem less daunting, so all measurements are taken after a really good start yesterday i went and bought wii fit personnal trainer so am on the 30 day challenge, i did an hour this morning burning of 363 calories so am feeling angelic , really hope this optimism doesnt wane until i have a result to keep me spured on, i know i need to lose weight so my three year old always has a mummy so he is my inspiration, here is to a good week and hopefully a little weightloss next monday.
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well done on your weightloss to date hopefully i will be there in a few months am stiff and sore today after an hour with my wii personal trainer yesterday but am assuming this is a good thing lol:jelous:
todays plan is another hour with wii fit personnal trainer and a tuna salad for lunch am being very strict with myself this week to get me going so am only eating speed and superspeed foods cant wait for mondays weighin asi am feeling very motivated at the moment hope it lasts lol getting myhead around fitting excersize into my daily routine so i do housework ironing excersize shower and lunch i wonder how i fitted working in, i have been a stay at home mum for four months due to sickness but i am going to bite the bullet and resign i am enjoying being a mummy too much to go back to eternal tiredness , i am so boring but i like myself today , this afternoon i am making my lovely hubby new curtains for his truck this should kkeep me out of the fridge . My mantra is change for life i need to let my little boy grow up with a healthy mummy without risking him being overweight due to my bad eating habits.

i know what i need to do so i have to do it, i feel better now i have written todays action plan lol .


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Hi Harrop :eek:)

I was just reading your thread and I felt compelled to reply! I have started my diet this week (sort of a low cal, low carb, hoping to go on xenical diet :rolleyes: ) but I've noticed that I have exactly the same amount of weight to loose as you, and also, I'm inspired by my 3 year old! :family2:

I thought, maybe we could be diet buddies and help spur each other on!?

what do you think? xx :wave_cry:
Great stuff, well done. I have just joined here and it looks really friendly. I joined SW again last week lost 6lb but had a bad 2nd week. Now trying to get back on track. Also went for consultation for lapband and its sent me into depression. Doctor was very negative but very much pointing out the risks involved. Nothing positive so I thought if thats the case I may as well stay with Slimming World. You are really doing well.
roosters that sounds like a plan to me if you will promise to kick me up the bum when i slide i am in this for the long haul, londongate just keep going one bad week isnt the end of the world as they keep saying tommorows another day so it is just a matter of us all not trying to obsess with food as hard as that is lol cos i like the stuff specially when its chocolate covered well done on last week tho


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I sure will Harrop, and visa versa - I'm in for the long haul too! I've decided I WILL be happy with my weight before I'm 30
sounds good, i lost five and a half stone to get pregnant put no weight on during pregnancy and gained when i restarted work because i wasnt structuring mealtimes for me and eating too many leftovers, i have since recognised i binge eat after not eating all day i will eat a packet of biscuits while toast is cooking eat toast while tea is cooking then have bread with my tea probably eat something else i can get my hands on , the lightbulb went off about three weeks ago when i realised that i was bingeing to such extremes i went and bought some doctors scales they were telling me i was 20 stone 5 pounds and kinda didnt realise weight had krept up so high last time i weighed myself two years ago i was 16 stone and at that i was massively overweight so here i go retracing steps i vowed i would never have to take again but this time i mean it if i have a bad day its just that,not a bad year or the end of the world, i will carry on again as if it never happened tommorow and persevere i can be slim and luscious lol
well i have been really controlled this week with eating and excersize but as optomistic as i am i am dreading the weekend as my hubby myself,comes home and i hope i dont end up sabotageing, however i have been to tescos and bought food etc for the weekend all meals are planned, i know i will be fine once get through this weekend as he is starting slimming world as well, still feeling positive i feel lighter and not as tired so diet is having positive effect on my energy levels already and wii personnal trainer makes sure i dont eat cos i am that sore i dont wanna move lol


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Hi harrop - excellent news that you've had a good 'diet' week. I know what you mean about worrying about the weekends. It's almost as if weekends are for allowing yourself a little excess and if you see someone else doing just that, eg hubby (in my case my partner) then it's hard not to join in!! I think you've done the best thing possible to avoid this by planning meals, it certainly should take the pressure off!

Once again I find myself saying 'me toooo' after reading your post! I actually wasn't that much overweight when I fell pregnant (about 13 stones) and piled on lots of weight whilst pregnant, but lost a lot of it after giving birth through feeding etc. But it was being a stay at home mum that made me pile on the pounds, I was stuck at home with a baby and I think I ate for 'fun' if you know what I mean.

Anyhow, then went on cambridge diet when my dd was 1 and lost 6 stone, taking me back to 13stones. Then I put it back on the following year, then I went back on cambride and lost half of it again, and now I'm heavier than ever! :eek:

So I know how you feel, I'm retracing my steps too and whilst I feel annoyed with myself at letting my weight get out of control again, I also feel quite confident that this time it's going to be different! different diet to start with, cambridge is fab but it's introducing food again that makes me lose the plot.

I was thinking about getting a wii fit, is it realy good?
had my wii fit a few months but didnt think it was pushing hard enough, i have just bought ea active personnal trainer and it is great it really puts you through your paces it works with the wii so you dont have to have a balance board, but yes i really rate it i am on the first thirty day programme at the moment and can really feel those muscles that were hiding lol hope your week is going well, i have just ran mothers race in my little boys sports day very funny!!

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