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9 Stone to lose... how do you motivate yourself...


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Don't look for the finishing line before you've got out of the starting blocks.

Just focus on the first half stone down mark and celebrate every loss no matter how small.


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This is what I would do:

Join a group (eg slimming world- super easy, eat loads, great support)
Set smaller interim goals...a stone at a time should be good.
Imagine how you will look once you've lost all the weight.
Think of the health risks of being overweight.
Think of the clothes you'll be able to buy when you've lost the weight.
Come to this website often.

I have tried all sorts of different diets, and also the old fashioned eat well and exercise way. The one thing I know is DEFINITELY working for me is slimming world. Its so so so easy, you get heaps of support, you can eat loads if you want to and still lose weight and its good for introducing exercise, though this is not a requirment of the plan - just an extra. Go for SW, you won't regret it! I have lost 15lbs in 6 weeks, and thats with a few takeaways and crisps lol.


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S: 20st1.5lb C: 19st0lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 42.9 Loss: 1st1.5lb(5.51%)
Thankyou both for your replies and for the tips aesir22 - I've been considering re-joining SW as I stick to plan far better when I attend the groups. I've made a list of all the things I will like to do when I am at various goals, some at interim goals, and some when I am at target and this as really helped

Thanks again :)


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While I haven't been doing so well in the past few months (piled weight on!) when I've lost weight in the past I've done it best by setting small attainable goals rather than just setting the end-goal (currently I'm concentrating on losing my first stone, not the 7 after that - 8 stone feels too much, 14lbs feels do-able! Keep your final goal in mind, though and try to keep thinking about all the positives of being much lighter!

Also, find what works for you and don't expect to lose loads every week and if you do put wieght on don't say "sod it" and relapse into bad eating patterns (easier said than done, I admit).

Good luck with the weight loss!


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S: 20st1.5lb C: 19st0lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 42.9 Loss: 1st1.5lb(5.51%)
Hey thanks for the reply. I think you are definately right about setting small goals - I've joined a 20 week challenge on one of the other sections and hoping to lose 60lbs before seeing in 2012 but I've also set a much smaller target to reach and that is to lose 10% of my current weight. I've been on and off dieting for years, I joined Minimins just over a year ago but then went off the boards (and my diet) fluctuating up and down... but I'm here to stay this time.

Last week I started on 274lbs, so 10% is 28lbs - Today I've weighed in 3lbs lighter :)

And that sounds like me... oh sod it... any tips for overcoming that mentality?



But you can call me Elise
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I'm not the best person to advise on overcoming the "sod it" mentality, mostly because I'm prone to it myself!

However, when I do manage it's usually when I have a goal in mind and I'm concentrating on it - last time I lost a large amount of weight was because I wanted to look good at a friend's wedding 3 years ago and I did, I rediscovered some photos on facebook just the other day when some new ones of another friend's wedding this summer were posted - in those ones I look like blue whale, which is what has prompted this bout of strict dieting!
So having a reason to lose by a certain date and looking at seriously fat photos are what helps me.

I try to use what I have learned through my work - Probation Service - as I used to work with ex-addicts a lot. The phrase with them is to keep reminding themselves that "a lapse is not a relapse", i.e. just because you have one drink/use drugs once (read
major pig out/boozy night out (alcohol - sooooo full of "useless" calories, but it's such fun!), in our cases) does not mean you have to go straight back to the way you used to be, pick yourself up and tell yourself you've had a lapse but you can jump straight back on the wagon!

Well that's the theory - wish it always worked so well in practise for me!

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Take photos! You might not like to look at them now, but they'll really help later on. I have a scrap book of pics that I've taken every 1/2 stone and it really helps me to look back and SEE the difference! I even look forward to the next picture now! I also have all my SW certificates in my scrap book and pictures that I've taken from magazines etc of things I'd like to do when I reach certain targets! My big one is to row down the Amazon- it's also motivating me to save some cash!! Oh and I've started a savings account for the amazing new wardrobe I'm going to need when I hit target, to help me along with the promise of a massive shopping spree in proper shops instead of plus size and supermarkets!

Hope some of that helps!




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Hi, I just work at 4 weeks at a time. I tell myself I only have to commit to the diet for 4 weeks and then I can finish if I want to. I then get to the end of the 4 weeks and as I've usually done well I tell myself I could manage another 4 weeks. I still have about six months to go but if I break it down into smaller time scales it feels much more manageable. It works for me! Good luck all. xx

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