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9 stones to lose! Eek!!


In it for the long haul..
Hola WeMITTS :)

I have 9st to lose - ish..I mean my healthy BMI is about 11st away from where I am now but I want to see how I feel when I get to 10st and then reasses.

I'm really early on in my diet and I'm really confident that I can stick to it - I am determined!!

I'd love to hear from anyone else with a lot to lose :)

aims x
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Hi sugarblomme, I also have a lot of weight to lose- nearly 9 stone as well but determined to get it off and keep it off this time. It'll be a long road but will be worth it! Have a good week. One day at a time ...........
I also have 9 stone to lose. I Also have to give up smoking. Doctors orders so I want to eat healthily as well. It's gonna be tough losing weight and stopping smoking but I am determined so It. Don't want to put on any more weight so I am joining WW next Wednesday. Wish me luck I need it lol xx good luck to you on your weight loss


In it for the long haul..
Hi Kate and Lisy :)

Thanks for the good luck messages - and good luck to you both too!

Hopefully you're both going well so far..it seems a really daunting thing to have so much weight to lose but I suppose it's all about putting one foot in front of another and getting there eventually.

Have a good day :):) xxxx


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I had 7 stone to loose, Nailed one of them so far and a few more lbs.
I'm actually getting more relaxed on the diet, and less tempted to blow it. I'm in it for the long haul and not getting too stressed over it. Almost enjoying it!


In it for the long haul..

I know what you mean; I'm only 5 days in but I have a similar feeling! I think if you yourself make the choice and then implement the changes that it just feels right - you can resign yourself to the fact that it's going to take a long time and then you end up being okay with it.

I am and it's making it a lot easier to stick to. Good luck and congrats on losing a stone - that's fantastic :)

I have 7.5 stones to lose, though according to the BMI rates, I should lose 10 stones!
But, I am the wrong side of 50 now and don't want to look haggered with such a huge weightloss !!!
So, 7.5 stones will make me 12 stones...still too much for my height but, sooooo much better than the 19st 10lbs I am now.
If I don't look too haggered then I will aim to lose more....quite frightening to think of the enormous task ahead but, people have done it and end up looking fantastic. I want that , too.
Started my VLCD on 10th March, so only starting Day 3 today...and am struggling with hunger but, wont be giving in! I am feeling strong and determined.
Good luck fellow Wemitts.....together we can do this. x


This time for sure
Hi girls I have 10 stone plus to lose I am 9 weeks in and so far so good. Had one minor blip which included a long weekend with old friends and plenty of cocktails and 5lbs gain. Good luck to all of you, looking to see how you get on :) x
Hi I probably need to lose more weight than I am planning but at the moment I am going for an 8 stone loss, or thereabouts.........last time i got to my goal weight, i was happy being a size 18-20 and so that is where i am aiming for, of course things may change, i may get there and want to go more and if so then i will carry on.......

I am not rushing this, been there and done that too many times and piled it all back on again and more :rolleyes: but i have a plan to change my life, and i figure slow and steady will not only get me there but be more lasting than another quick fix......i aim to slowly lose weight, eat more healthily, take back control of my eating, and when my weight allows, start doing more exercise and just generally be healthier and WANT to be healthier and enjoy life........ :)

Good luck all of you, guess we'll get to know each a lot during this time :)


This time for sure
Big-girl I noticed you have hypnosis down as your method of diet. Have you had any sessions yet? How are you finding it? I finished 5 treatments and its been great for me. Just curious to know :)
Big-girl I noticed you have hypnosis down as your method of diet. Have you had any sessions yet? How are you finding it? I finished 5 treatments and its been great for me. Just curious to know :)
I'm doing hypnosis cd's can't go to a face to face sessions, suffered childhood abuse so going to see a stranger and maybe not being fully aware of what's happening or in control of the situation is a real no no for me, wish I could go face to face, think it might be more intense and might work quicker, but I just can't do it......but I'm finding the cd's good, early days yet but I do feel more in control :)

Glad it's working out for you :)


This time for sure
Hi again Big-girl
Sorry to hear about your past. I have found the cd's to be quite effective as a follow up, so as long as it works thats all that matters. When is your weigh day? It will be nice to see how you get on :)
I think my weigh in day will be Friday, I've only just started the cd's, so I weighed in properly yesterday and I think having a weigh in before the weekend will remind me I can't slack off over the weekend.....I did start the cd's about 10 days ago, was listening to them in the morning but then had a few busy days and early starts and didn't make the time to listen to them, so I'm starting again from scratch :)

Roll on next Friday, I hope to see less numbers in the scale, even if it's only 1 lb off, I know I'm going in the right direction :)


This time for sure
Yep 1lb is the equivalent a bag of sugar and it all adds up. The weekend is the reason that I weigh on Monday, as I know having a pig out will affect my weight on the Monday.

I used to go to SW years ago and I had the choice between Thu or Mon and Thu was bad news as I convinced myself that if I ate something I shouldn't over the weekend I have till Thursday to crash diet and get rid, but Monday meant I had to be good over the weekend too.

Will watch this space on Friday :)
Hi sugarblomme

how are you doing? As you know I have lots to lose, but I break it down to mini goals..too daunting to think of the 'bigger picture' :eek:

Good luck and believe in yourself, you are going to do it...we all are :)

Have a successful sunday :)


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At my heaviest I was well over 20 stone, so I needed to lose 8 stone to get to the top end of my healthy weight (between 11 and 12 stone)

Now I'm slightly closer to it, at just under 19 stone. My aim is to get to 14 stone (I'm built like a tank for a female!!!) and see how I go from there.

I just can't see 11/12 stone being a manageable weight for me without starving myself to keep it there!!


This time for sure
Hello Hannata and welcome.

I understand what you mean, I too can't imagine myself 11 - 12 stone so I am aiming for 15. I went on to the Dukan website and there is a method for discovering your true weight by answering some questions. Mine came out around 15 stone. I did this because I was always perplexed how people who were bigger than me weighed less than me.
Keep it up, I shall keep a look out to see how you get on :)

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