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_becca_93_'s food diary

Hi thought i'd start my food diary as am not having great losses lately so thought i'd record what I eat on here :D would be grateful of any suggestions/help :)

I only do green days as I am a vegetarian :D

Breakfast - 2 x weetabix (HEXB) with skimmed milk (HEXA)
Snack - Hi-fi - choc and orange bar- (HEXB)
Lunch - low fat super noodles to go with some couscous
Snack - Walkers french Fries (4.5 syns)

Dinner - I had homemade tomato soup. (1 syn as added small amount of cornflour
Snack - fruit and a yogurt
couple of mcdonalds fries
Drinks - diet cola, water and sugar free squash :)

Syns - around 12 syns
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Helloooooooooooo from one Becca to another ;)

I'm just thinking you may not be eating enough?? Perhaps you could do with some veggies to go with your noodles etc and maybe some veggie meat subsitutes?? Quorn Mince or peices etc (sorry i'm not brilliant with veggie foods)

Good luck! xx
Breakfast: 2 x weetabix (HEXB) with a few honey nut shreddies (around 3 syns) and skimmed milk (HEXA)
Snack- couple of satsumas.
Lunch - couscous salad with ff salad dressing and a fat free shape yogurt.
Snack - lemon HI-Fi bar - (HEXB)
Dinner - homemade butternut squash soup (yummy!)
Snack - Fruit
Drinks - diet cola, water and a cup of tea with milk from allowance.
Syns today - around 3. :D
Breakfast- weetabix (HEXB) with a few honey nut shreddies(3 syns) and a ff yogurt.
Snack - HI-FI bar (HEXB)
Lunch - pasta
Snack - orange
Dinner- small jacket pot with 2 quorn sausages beans and tomatos.
Snack - ff yogurt and a bananna
I have had a couple of mints so am going to syn the whole pack and then I don't have to worry about syning them everytime. (4)
Syns today - 7
Breakfast- 2x weetabix HEXB with a few honey nut shreddies(3 syns) and skimmed milk HEXA
Snack - HiFi Bar
Lunch - quorn salad with ff dressing and some grapes and a bananna
Dinner - Roast, roasted potatos with veggies and 2 quorn fillets and vegetable stock and onion as gravy with mustard (1 syn)
Snack - Yogurt and a bananna.
Had a few mints but counted them yesterday so am not going to syn them again :)
Drinks - diet pepsi, water.
Syns - 4 :)

Total syns so far this week - 26 :D
Weigh in tomorrow, fingers crossed for a loss :D
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Breakfast - 1x weetabix and some honey nut shreddies HEXB and 3 syns with skimmed milk HEXA with a ff yogurt.
Snack - HIFI bar and a bananna
Lunch - Couscous salad (1/2 syn.)
Dinner- Potatos, quorn and veggies with veggie stock n onions. mustard (1 syn)
Drinks- diet cola, water.
Syns today - 4.5
Syns this week - 29.5 :D

Weigh in at 6pm tonight (12.11.09) - have been extra good this week so really hoping for a loss :)
Had weigh in and broke my half pound off half pound on cycle and lost 2lbs and got slimmer of the week :D :D
Breakfast - 2x weetabix HEXB with skimmed milk HEXA
Lunch bananna, ff yogurt and HIFI bar ( was busy)
Snack - HIFI bar (6syns) and 2 mini crispbreads (2 syns)
Dinner - Pasta n sauce and a bananna.
Syns today- 8
Syns this week - 37.5.
Breakfast - 1x weetabix and some honey nut shreddies HEXB and 3 syns with skimmed milk HEXA
Snack - HIFI bar HEXB and a bananna
Lunch - couscous salad - (1/2 syn)
Dinner- jacket potato and beans.
Went cinema to see 2012 so took loadsa of fruit with me and had a couple of sugar free mints (2.5 syns). :)

syns today - 6
Total syns used this week - 6

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