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A bit confused.co.uk & Worried :/

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I have just eaten my bar for lunch and noticed it hasn`t got Gluten Free written on the front like the 1 I had yesterday so I had a look at all the wrappers (I recycle so have them all still) and only has has Gluten Free written on the front :confused:

When I looked online at what was in them all, They ALL said they were gluten/wheat free which is why I ordered them but surely they would ALL day it on the wrapper??

I`m wondering if they do indeed have gluten/wheat in some of them and that`s why I was in so much pain last night :cry:

Also a bit worried now if that is the case as I just ate a chocolate one which doesn`t say Gluten Free :cry: :cry: :cry:

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Hi hon, I'd give you CDC a ring if I were you just to make sure, did she think they were all gluten free when you brought them from her? xx


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The bars have Maltitol and this can cause cramp like pains.

I found this old thread about gluten free products, I hope this helps?


The soups have gluten in them. It is a very small amount but it is there up until the last year or so they were contraindicated but now the advice is let the customer know and if they want to try one or two if their intollerance is not high they should be okay.

Personally, I do not supply coeliac's. The allergen information is on the side of the boxes.

Any product that has had gluten in it cannot be classed as gluten free as when you take out the gluten there will always be trace.

The soups are classed as Sarbanes Oxley Gluten Free which means they meet a standard to be classed as free of gluten but someone who is hyper sensitive to gluten may still react.

My mother is a coeliac but did the diet fine with the soup packs but any coeliac must be made aware that the products are Sarbanes Oxley gluten clear and not gluten free from ingredients.

If anyone has any specific questions then give Gill a ring at head office.

Also here is a link to the ingredients in CD products.

S: 17st1lb C: 11st9lb G: 11st1lb BMI: 27.1 Loss: 5st6lb(31.8%)
Thankyou both for the replies x and Mini thanks for the advice/links.

I don`t really want to contact my CDC right now as she works full time and I don`t want to interupt her. I will drop her an email.

I`m really confused as the cambridge website lists them all as Gluten/Wheat free but when you look at the wrappers, Only 2 of them say "Gluten Free, High Protein, High Fibre" whereas the other 3 I have here only say "High Protein" which makes me think they`re not GF? :confused:

I`m a bit worried as the one I have just had for lunch only says High Protein :(

I wasn`t able to have the porridges (obviously) and was only able to have a Spicy Tomato which is listed as GF and I didn`t have any problems with it but didn`t really like it.



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As it says it's GF on the website, I'm sure it's fine. None of the chewy bars seem to have a mention of them being GF. The crunch bars are more recent, so maybe newer labelling has added the GF :confused: I notice that the Allergens section on the wrapper doesn't mention gluten, which it would do if it was a problem

I think all CWPCs go by the literature rather than the bar wrappers, so I would imagine there'd be a real kerfuffle if the literature (on the website) was incorrect.
S: 17st1lb C: 11st9lb G: 11st1lb BMI: 27.1 Loss: 5st6lb(31.8%)
Thanks KD :)

It`s very confusing when some say Gluten Free and some don`t.

The problem is that some ingredients don`t specifically say gluten/wheat but can have them in them.

I`ve been ok so far today with 1 bar so I think the pain I was in was probably due to having 2 bars. Lesson learned :)


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