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A Bunnies journey


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Well, went back to the class i had tried before, i found that i didn't really get anything out the class and it wasnt helping which is partly why i left before, but i thought i would give it a go again. there is a stand in consultant just now and i found the class much better.

anyway, after class i had lemon and honey chicken with salad and strawberries covered in muller light yogurt and blueberry water, was nom nom nom.

so far today i have had 2 slices wholemeal toast with spaghetti hoops and a glass of diet coke with lemon and ice, not really hungry so not had anything else yet but have home made soup cooking and chili for dinner tonight:)
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Hey Bunnie! Your meals today look impressive :) Are you having an Extra Easy day? And also, have you had any syns? I used to just write down what I had and keep the syns in my head but it really helps having them on paper, so once it gets to the end of the week, I can flick back and see the extra syns I had and the syns I missed, and treat myself or have a totally syn free day if necessary.

It's good that you find class better now :) I still don't enjoy mine, went to the first few but now only go for WI and come straight home. There's about 25-30 other people at group who seem to have been there for years and all know everything about each other, and my consultant is welcoming in her own way but then once she's on a roll having 5 min conversations with each person about their week as she reads out their loss/gain/maintain, you do kind of start to feel a bit stupid, sitting there while waiting your turn... It would be nice to stay once in a while but I'd much rather come home and jump straight back on Minimins, my group support is right here :)

(sorry for the essay, lol, just realised I'd been babbling a bit... :eek:) xxx


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yup, doing extra easy today, i like to do my total syns for the week then work my way down them:D BB is on tonight so most likely have something then:cool:

i know what you mean about class, last night about 12 or 13 people stayed out of about 30?


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thanks hun, determined this time, my lads are not going to have to drag me about at the weight i am, so i have to lose to ride.


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Hun, Jay and Tide have had leg issues as you know, i simply can not ask Jay to take my extra weight on his bad leg and Tides still not fully recovered.
Holly is a sturdy youg lass, im sure if your not doing 3 hour hacks or long schooling sessions she will be fine xx

Come on hun, we can do this together xx

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