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A crime against all WW followers. IMPORTANT!!!

S: 15st7lb C: 14st11lb G: 11st7lb Loss: 0st10lb(4.61%)
Hi ladies, you may have noticed the Online Eating Out Guide sticky here on the WW forum, and the link to Noreen Blackett's incredibly helpful website!!

Now, here's the shocker. WW have threatened her with legal action and she is closing down the site, as she has no other option.

This is a crime against all those who rely on her site, and I thought you might appreciate a heads-up before you go to use it one day and find it no longer exists.

If you, like me, rely on this site to get points which are not in the official eating out guide, I suggest you copy the pages you find useful for your future reference, as it may not be there for much longer.

No need to thank me :) xx
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absolutely shocking. all this rubbish with listings on ebay and threatening people with legal action is getting out of hand - you would think they would appreciate that people are using their own time and money in some way to PROMOTE the WW way of life.. disgusting.
S: 15st7lb C: 14st11lb G: 11st7lb Loss: 0st10lb(4.61%)
tell me about it! i have copied and pasted every page into word as i use her site daily, despite having paid for the EOG through a meeting, as i find it quicker and easier, and can use it at work if i dont have my guide with me!

Reckon we should start a petition lol! x
G: 10st7lb
I know I read about this on the ww messageboards, WW are really cracking down, basically they don't want you to get any information on WW or points from any other source than the meetings or subscribing online!! Its a brilliant website such a shame, but I believe shes looking at way of keeping it open, like making it password protected or something like that!
It's a terrible shame, isn't it? The only way she could get round it would be to post up the cals and sat fat for everything so that people could use their calculators to work out the points for themselves and the information would still all be in one place.

I would imagine the reason they are clamping down like this is because they are getting everyone to get their monthly pass and sign up to esource and they won't do that if they can get points values elsewhere.

I've stopped paying as a one-woman protest. I can look up cals and sat fat on the internet and work them out for myself and that's what I'll do - I'm damned if I'll give another penny of my hard earned money to Weight Watchers - especially if the new changes do render all the old guides obsolete (and I wouldn't be surprised if that's partly what the clampdown is for!)
G: 10st7lb
I don't blame you Karen, I would join you and make it a 2 woman protest but I am too far away from goal, but maybe when I get to goal weight we can start a revolt again WW!!! However, I have made my feelings known to that lady at WW (who emailed me about my WW items on ebay)!!!
G: 10st7lb
The WW body fat monitor scales are reduced in Homebase at the moment £39 (not £30 like I said on my thread) from £60.
Good bargain but probably wouldn't fit into my anti-WW rant if I bought them. Future m-i-l has v good scales so might get weighed at hers once a week - will stop me being tempted to hop on and off the scales at home :)
G: 10st7lb
That sounds like a very good plan!


Going From Flab to FAB!
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I think this is disgusting! ,. Its not like this lady has sat there and copied things from the book! ... i think WW are taking this all a bit to far! and in the end are going to alienate people who turn to them for help! ...
Wonder if they trawl the web for places where the word "weight watchers" comes up! .. If they do and come across this thread .... WW SORT YOURSELVES OUT!!!!!!!!!
G: 10st7lb
Thats exactly what they do - they have a department now of people who search the internet looking for infringements on thier copyright and intellectual property. I realise that in the present recession the first thing to get cancelled is membership to gyms and slimming clubs and so WW are just trying to keep hold of every penny possible, but like you say - they are just going to alienate people, if it wasn't for the fact the WW is the only diet that works for me I would have left last week, but I am seriously thinking of going it alone when I get to goal weight, I feel right now that I don't want to give them a penny more of my money than is absolutely necessary!!
To be honest I can actually see both sides of the coin. From WW point of view, theyre running a business, a very successful business, and selling on ebay etc is taking money from them. I did WW on my own for 18 months and they got not a penny from me although I was following their diet, so I can see why theyre getting p'd off a bit.

However on the other side, maybe if they kept their own books/site more accurate and up to date, we wouldnt need sites like Noreens.

WW should get other things in order, things which are having a negative effect on their card carrying FEE PAYING members sorted out first I think.
S: 15st7lb C: 14st11lb G: 11st7lb Loss: 0st10lb(4.61%)
I agree with Starlight, I know they need to keep their business successful BUT when people who ARE paying them are not receiving a good enough service and using other peoples' resources to help them, they are only going to alienate their customers by removing those resources and risk losing them to other diets where the info required (e.g. points values on WW) is more easily available. Like on SW you dont need to work out points so they may find that people start switching.

Oh dear WW. Sort it out or lose your customers. I am not planning on going to meetings after Christmas as once I have the confidence in myself to go it alone and weigh myself at home once a week, I will do. But as a newbie I find the support and encouragement at meetings very useful and motivating!

Ive done the same (copied) for future reference as this site is fab and invaluable, i know my way round it inside out and back to front lol, u greedy p i g s at weight watcher, infringe my a** lol x

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