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A drunken bet – running_girls diary – it starts today

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Well this is it – day one of my weight loss/ get fit diary.

How did I get here – great question!! It all started about 4 weeks ago when I was at a works do (you know the sort of thing – free bar, late night etc etc). The next morning I woke up and found out I had a few memory blanks from the night before (Ok if I’m honest more than a few) as I sat at breakfast people gleefully filled me in on the nights entertainment – insisting my bosses boss did Jeager Bomb shots being a particular highlight – just as I thought it couldn’t get any worse those awful words got uttered “and you agreed to run a half marathon” – I didn’t think it was possible to get any paler than I’d been when I woke up but I’m assured I did.

“Oh” was my rather weak reply “OK”. This was greeted with what can only be described as hysterics with the general consensus being there wasn’t a chance in hell that I could do it

My ego would have been rather wounded if inside I wasn’t thinking exactly the same thing. I smoke 30 a day, I’m 1 and a half stone over weight, and I never run anywhere for any reason (heck if my train is about to pull out of the station I’d wait for the next one rather than embarrassing myself by running).

But then my ego did perk up a little bit – why couldn’t I do it – was it necessary for everyone to be quite so certain that I couldn’t/wouldn’t? And then that pesky pride thing reared its head and before I knew where I was I actually said “no seriously I’m going to do it” Oh crimes

So step one give up smoking - I’ve spent the last 4 weeks trying to do just that and I have dramatically cut down – I’m on about 5 a day

Step two get fit – I started taking long walks – anything from 5 miles to 13 miles tromping across hill and dale

The net result after 3 weeks was I had horrible blisters and had put on half a stone – not a great start.

Time for plan b - last week I went to the Nike store and got them to watch me running and they have sold me a pair of running shoes that I shouldn’t get blisters from and I took a bit of a break on the exercising to look after my poor blistered feet until they looked a little more human and less like a horror film.

So time to start again – learning from the mistakes of the last month I started the weight watchers diet yesterday (because I now have 2 stone to lose!!), the fitness campaign in the new trainers starts today (well it started yesterday when I cycled to the train station rather than driving), and today is my last day of smoking – now I can’t promise I’ll always be 100% on my diet, or that when it’s chucking it down with rain I wont skip the odd exercise sessions, or that I wont have a few drinks and sneak in the odd cigarette but I can promise that I’m going to share the next 5 months with you all as I try pretty hard to get into shape to run 13 miles at the end of September.

I’m working from home today, so the plan is three healthy meals and a 10 mile walk - finishing up with putting any remaining cigarettes down the waste disposal!!

Wish me luck – I’ll update you all later
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Mumma K

Gold Member
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:D Oh how I wish you luck
and how I wish the next instalment of this diary will be very very soon :D
cos it was mega mega funny.
I'm looking forward to hearing more over the coming months.
and wish you success on your way to running your half marathon
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The mother flippin'
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Good luck! I'm really interested in your progess as I'd love to be able to run 13 miles :) It might inspire me!
S: 12st0lb G: 10st4lb
Thanks for your welcome girls.

Nothing very inspiring to report today - I've stuck to the diet - special K for breakie, home made pasta salad for lunch and ham, poached egg, beans and healthy chips (may the person who invented the actifry be knighted) for tea.

Also managed to get out and wear out some shoe leather with a 7.5 mile walk - not quite the 10 miles I'd planned but better than sitting on the sofa eating Cadburys Buttons which did go through my mind as an option - if only I'd said in my drunken state 4 weeks ago that I could eat my body weight in chocolate - I'd have been very dedicated in training for that

Oh actually I have got some exciting (or maybe I mean stupid) news. I signed up today to do a 10k race for life on 6th June which no matter how many times I look at my calendar and wish it was longer is just over 7 weeks away - yeeks 6.2 miles in 7 weeks - I know I can walk it now just gotta get my chubby little legs moving a bit faster and start running it.

In other news I think I've got a cold coming on (or my body is screaming for mercy for all this exercise I'm putting it through) - I've got a really sore throat and feel a bit rough so I'm going to take tomorrow as an exercise rest day and swallow berocca by the tube to see if I can shake it - should make the not smoking a bit easier because it's so sore it'll be really painful to smoke (not that that's stopping me planning on having a final one tonight as soon as I've submitted this in fact)

Right that's me for today - will update soon

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