A funny thing happened to be today.......

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    I booked the day off work today and myself and my hubby decided to go for a game of bowling.
    It was very quiet in there,only us and another couple.We decided to play 3 games (only £6 each bargain!!).

    I lost all 3 games but it's taking part that counts...lol
    We had a cheque to pay in at the bank so we drove into town thinking we would have a stroll round maybe have a coffee.
    We parked up and my hubby went to get a ticket, I got out of the car and he came running over to me laughing his head off,I wondered what was up,,Then he said what are you wearing on your feet..I looked down and there they were ..still on my feet..yes you guessed it MY BOWLING SHOES:eek:
    Well talk about laugh,I nearly wet myself tears were streaming down my face.My hubby was just as bad he had even drove in his:D
    We drove back down to bowling and explained what had happened they also found it very funny..
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