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A gain, help me track my carbs

It's been 12 days and my first weigh in since coming off VLCD so not unexpected but I was hoping that any regain would have levelled by now. I've gained 2.5lb. Not huge amounts, mentally I'm still very positive about Atkins as I'm very much enjoying it.

So I need a plan of action and I'd really appreciate some input from experienced atkiners to check if I'm doing it right. Perhaps it's as simple as me not quite getting the rules. Would anyone be willing to check on my food diary if I write it here?

I'm also going to go anti-candida for a week as mentioned in the book as I've always been a bit prone. Despite being symptomless I got a +++ result the other week. So no cheese or mushrooms this week for me. Also going to cut out things like pepperamis & pork crunch and up the water. Planning a simple diet for a week see if it starts sending the scales the other way.
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Aim 3 cups greens, 3-4l of fluid leaving 5g of carbs to spend

Breakfast- 2 scrambled eggs made with 10g butter on a cup of spinach and romaine lettuce.
1l water, 2 probiotics and 400ml rooibos tea

Lunch- 6 slices chorizo (0.8g), 6 slices smoked sausage (0.4), cup romaine lettuce 20g Caesar dressing (0.34g). >2g carb altogether
400ml coffee

Pre workout snack- 2 chicken wings & a boiled egg

Late dinner: Chicken caesar salad, (greens, cucumber, pepper, 4 olives (1g))
dressing ) 0.5g

3.5l water 1200ml tea/coffee
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Ok I think I've been going wrong on hidden carbs, this is much easier to work out as 5g of other carbs a day. Already the scales were back down this morning so now officially sts. So adding mushrooms back in, will try avoid the cheese for now.

B- bacon, egg, mushroom & spinach
L- 5 slices ham 2g carb
D- fish with a flax batter (1/4 cup flax, egg, olive oil) it's cooking now, not sure how it will work out, better than scoffing a chippy fish though. Served with peppers, mushrooms, garlic and greens. Oh and Mayo (1g for Mayo and flax)

Water- 2l thus far and 1.2l redbush and a coffee


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Mushrooms are about the lowest veg there is, they wouldn't ever have been a prob normally. Are they big candida culprits? Looking good to me - you might be on to something with the dairy or it may have been a simple water fluctuation.
Yup the mushrooms were in case of candida but I think it's more likely I wasn't doing it right and that's why alongside coming of VLCD I'd gained. What I'd like is to get 2lb off this week now I'm back to my former loss and get to 3 stone lost.


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Fingers crossed for you! And don't beat yourself too much - it usually does take a couple of weeks to start losing proper post vlcd - you'll likely have had a gain and then lost that, first. Good luck on the 2lb.
looks good love, bell peppers are fairly high carb for induction though, still if you're within your 20carbs it's OK
whens weigh day ? xx
I am daily weighing just to make sure I'm on the right track, official will be next Monday. This morning I was another 1lb down so I think I've definitely turned a corner. Jim, one pepper has done me 3 meals, I'm going easy on them and not going over my allotted veggie 15g carb allowance.

B- Bacon, pepper & mushroom omelette with greens.
L- pkt of M&S chicken (1.2g) and parma ham
D- Egg mayo & bacon salad, (1g)
Morning, a busy day yesterday meant I didn't get chance to write up. I was out from 10-7:30pm, and despite there being a lovely huge lunch at my friends and fish n chips at my mums I stuck to the plan.
B- egg mayo salad (0.5g)
L- greens & cucumber, parma ham, cheese (2g), smoked sausage (0.4g), sardines
D- egg mayo & bacon salad (1g) pork crunch. I have a thing for egg mayo at the minute, lol.

And this morning I've weighed in again, I've lost 5lb since Monday which I'm hugely chuffed with. So now I realise where it's all gone a bit wrong it's flying off. Means I've reached my 3 stone loss now too, hooray. I won't change my stats until my official weigh day on Monday but I'm feeling really good.

I'll probably just update now on the normal what did you eat thread and my diary as I feel confident in using Atkins in the 15g veggies mostly leafy greens, 5g of other induction foods.
OK love, you've got it sorted now it seems :)

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