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  1. Lady_Amalthea

    Lady_Amalthea Looking for Slimville!

    Helloooo! :)

    My name is Erin and I am ready to start my serious journey to Slimville! Well, Healthyville actually.
    I want a better lifestyle overall, not just a smaller waistline. My weight history is a little rollercoaster-esque, a bit messy...you know how it can get. Here's a quick run-down:

    Heaviest - 14st 4lbs (September 2012)

    Lightest - 8st 12lbs (January 2007, aged 19 - achieved on Cambridge diet -2st in 2 months)

    Current -
    12st 13lbs (achieved by calorie counting and more recently exercising since September)

    After my Cambridge Diet stint I steadily gained until I was around 11st where I managed to stay for a few years (2008-2009). After that the weight crept up on me and here I am now. 25 years old and ready to re-educate myself and become a healthier and happierperson.

    Now lets get down to the nitty gritty:
    today's intake!

    B - fruit and fibre cereal with semi-skimmed milk and a banana 316
    L - cooked ham and salad sandwich on wholemeal bread with lighter mayo 278
    D - Chicken and black bean sauce stir-fry (no noodles, beansprouts instead) 274
    Ds - small slice of apple pie 296

    Others: 1 glass orange juice at 99cal, 2 litres water.
    Exercise: 30 mins Dance Central.

    Total calories:

    I've been using an online calorie counter to help me keep track of things. You wondering about that apple pie up there? Without that my calorie intake was below 900 and I just fancied a wee treat. I've lost 4lbs this week and can't remember the last time I had a 'naughty' food so I figure I can indulge (A LITTLE!!) once in a while...

    Thanks for stopping by. I'm gonna try and update this every day so don't be shy. Say hello

    Over & Out for now.

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  3. dd82

    dd82 Gold Member

    Hi love your diary and love dance central good luck
  4. Lady_Amalthea

    Lady_Amalthea Looking for Slimville!

    Thanks dd82! I see from your ticker you have come a long way yourself - congrats!!

    Hello again!!

    I need to quit scale-hopping. I am so bad for it. I basically weigh myself every day and it's just no good. Naturally, this morning I weighed the same as yesterday. I'm going to try my hardest to only weigh weekly from now on. So I'll make it every Sunday! Today's intake is going to be thrown off a bit, nutrition-wise, thanks to my dad's homemade lamb curry!!

    B - Banana smoothie with semi-skimmed milk 305
    L - nothing due to early Sunday dinner
    D - homemade lamb curry with basmati rice 765

    Others: 1 glass orange juice at 99cal, 2 litres water.
    Exercise: 30 mins Dance Central.

    Total calories:

    I'm still going to be within my calorie limit so it's not all bad I suppose. Just need to make sure there's no more calorific meals for the rest of the week haha. (My mum just tried to tempt me with a bacon sandwich there. No thank you, mother!!)

    I have an interview for a PGDE Primary teaching course on Tuesday and am super nervous about it. We need to give a presentation to a small group of fellow candidates to begin with and then we have our individual interviews with 2 members of staff (or 1 member of staff and a teacher from a local school). I'm prepared. I know my presentation inside out and I've been practicing mock interview questions. I'm sure there's not much they could ask me that would throw me off. I'm just worried that my nerves will get the better of me on the day.

    Hope everyone is having a good Sunday :)

    Over and out!

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  5. Lady_Amalthea

    Lady_Amalthea Looking for Slimville!

    Evening everyone!!

    Hope you are all off to a good start this week :). Just a quick update tonight:

    B - Banana and raspberry smoothie 269
    L - Ham and tomato sandwich on white bread with light mayo 253
    D - Individual steakpie,chips,peas and gravy 521

    Others: 1 glass orange juice at 99cal, 2 litres water.
    Exercise: Half hour walk - called in to work early so missed my usual Dance Central!

    Total calories: 1143

    Bit of a 'naughty' dinner again. Purely convenience , something quick and easy.

    Off to read over my notes for my interview tomorrow!!

    Over and out!

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  6. dd82

    dd82 Gold Member

    That's a great day even with that dinner it's a really low cal day
  7. PandaNate

    PandaNate Silver Member

    Good luck!
  8. Lady_Amalthea

    Lady_Amalthea Looking for Slimville!


    That's my interview all over and done with. I feel like it went well but they interview around 150 candidates (from 500+ applicants) for only 50 odd places. I just hope it went well enough for me to be offered a place. Should find out by the end of next week. 10 days waiting isn't too bad but I bet it will feel like forever!!

    On to the food-stuffs:

    B - Banana and raspberry smoothie 269
    L - Packet of cheese n onion crisps 133 (grabbed them between presentation and individual interview to stop my tummy rumbling!)
    D - Baked potato with tuna mixed with light mayo + a side salad 325

    Others: 1 glass orange juice at 99cal, 2 litres water.
    Exercise: Half hour Dance Central!

    Total calories:

    This is obviously a bit on the low side. I might have 2 baked potatoes and a whole can of tuna (instead of half a can) to bring the total intake up. Will edit later after I have actually had dinner!!

    Over and out.
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  9. dd82

    dd82 Gold Member

    Good plan 930 is a bit low but you could have the bigger dinner as you said or a snack later
  10. PandaNate

    PandaNate Silver Member

    When I saw the cheese and onion crisps, in-between, I was like, best of had a mint ;)
  11. Lady_Amalthea

    Lady_Amalthea Looking for Slimville!

    Hahaha, no worries Panda - I was prepared with mints AND chewing gum :).

    Morning guys!

    So I did end up having a bigger dinner last night and a sneaky wee 70cal choccie biscuit for dessert. That brings my total for yesterday to 1,258 - a much more respectable figure!
    Today I am off to my old primary school to discuss starting some work experience there which I am excited about! Then I'm meeting a friend for lunch (shall try to be good!) and going to the job centre. My hours at work have been cut to 8 a week which is just no good. Need something better!

    B - Banana and raspberry smoothie 269
    L - BBQ chicken wrap with fries and salad 587
    D - Homemade vegetable soup 102

    Others: hot chocolate with cream 280cal, 2 litres water.
    Exercise: Half hour walk, half hour Dance Central.

    Total calories: 1,238

    Not very prepared/planned for my food-intake today but will update later when I know. Haven't been as scale-hoppy as usual but I did weigh myself this morning and appear to have lost another 2lb. I won't update my stats til Sunday though, when it's been a full week. Hopefully shift a few more by then. I promise I will make it next week with only ONE weigh in...maybe.

    Over and out!

    EDIT: now includes what I had for lunch & my naughty little hot chocolate. Still within calories though and gonna do some Dance Central before dinner so I don't feel so bad!
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  12. dd82

    dd82 Gold Member

    Great start to the day wellDone for yesterday haves jive lunch with your friend you are dojng great 2lb is brill and you still have 4 days till weigh In
  13. PandaNate

    PandaNate Silver Member

    Have you signed on to jsa or going to? Other than being accountable for your job search if you earn above £56.25, you wont get job seekers. I signed off for this reason :/ I yave a job interview at tesco, you used indeed.com? Its a huge job search site. X
  14. Lady_Amalthea

    Lady_Amalthea Looking for Slimville!

    Hey Panda - I'm on the higher rate of JSA cause I'm 25 so it's if I earn about £72 a week or something. But to be honest, I've had a few more hours this week due to Valentines Day coming up (I work in a card shop) so I think they average my hours and I'll probably only be signing on for £8 or something so hardly worth it :(.

    I do have a job interview this Friday though for a payroll position, full time so shall see how that goes. My only problem is my plan to volunteer at my old primary one morning or afternoon a week may be scuppered and obviously primary teaching is my long term career goal... so a bit stuck on what to do for the best.

    I use indeed, totaljobs, s1jobs, local council sites plus the universal jobmatch thingy. Good luck for your Tesco interview!! x
  15. dd82

    dd82 Gold Member

    How you getting on today I always look forward to your diarys
  16. Lady_Amalthea

    Lady_Amalthea Looking for Slimville!

    I updated my original diary post up there somewhere ^^ haha. Ended up having a hot chocolate after lunch but have stayed within calories so not that bothered. Plus I did a few extra songs on Dance Central. I really think doing that every day is helping, at least fitness-wise. I don't get so out of breath as I used to and don't need to take breaks in between anymore :) Hope you have had a good day too!
  17. Lady_Amalthea

    Lady_Amalthea Looking for Slimville!


    I'm really gonna have to start doing some other exercise from next week onwards. Dance Central is getting too easy and doesn't feel like a proper work out any more. Not to worry though, my friend has been going to a fat burning class and is going to send me an email with exercises from that so I can try them out. Also gonna check out some youtube fitness videos. I'm not too worried, my calorie intake is still low enough that I'll probably keep losing anyway.

    Had a good day so far. Had to skip on my morning smoothie cause there were only bananas left and I cannot (and I've tried!) have just a banana smoothie. Needs berries of some sort for it to taste good to me haha.Gonna have a late-ish dinner tonight cause I have work in an hour or so right through til 7.30 due to stock take. So probably won't eat til around 8pm.

    Today's intake:

    B - Fruit and fibre with chopped banana 267
    L - Homemade vegetable soup and an orange 247
    D - Homemade chili con carne with rice 415

    Others: orange juice at 99cal, 2 litres water.
    Exercise: Half hour walk, half hour Dance Central.

    Total calories: 1,028

    Obviously I'll have calories left so might have a fruit salad for dessert after my chili.It'll need to be banana and orange with some fruit juice since that's all I have in at the moment.

    Over and Out!
  18. dd82

    dd82 Gold Member

    Great day food looks Nice and balanced and healthy and room for a little treat well done
  19. xj-esx

    xj-esx Silver Member

    Well done on your loss so far! Enjoyed reading your diary :) You have lots of yummy food x

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  20. chocolate_bananas

    chocolate_bananas Silver Member

    Hello :)

    You definitely have your 5 a day in there! When on SW i get about 6 or 7 portions a day in, but even though i love them i find myself not eating as many when CC :eek:

    Must make more of an effort...

    Hope you have had a nice day x
  21. PandaNate

    PandaNate Silver Member

    I barely eat any fruit >.< veg I'm okay with but just eating fruit doesn't appeal to me even though I like fruit haha. I like novelty fruit like black cherries :)

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