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A leaving the country gift? help please


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Hi everyone.

My best friend has landed herself a fab job teaching early years in Athens. So she is leaving to live over there for a minimum of a year. I plan to visit in the October half term. But want to give her a good send off gift.

I will consider most budgets as I think she is worth it but obviously I do not wanna go overboard as im not mega rich lol

So, any ideas. I'm stumped!


Oh and she isn't going til August but I don't like leaving things to the last minute x
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Having just moved across the Atlantic (well, about 18 months ago) I would say anything that's either a) consumable before she leaves or b) doesn't take up much room in a case or weigh too much.

Maybe find out what her favorite toiletries are (mine are Molton Brown) and get her some travel sized bottles of her favourite stuff--especially as it will be hard to get hold of over there. I know toiletries seem kind of obvious, but I know what it's like to be without your favourites! Or give her some hand-made "vouchers" for her favourite English goodies and a promise that when she's craving Cadbury's chocolate or Walker's crisps that you'll send her a care package in the post. Those are the kinds of things that have kept me sane.
I was also going to say toiletries/foods you can't get outside of the UK!

Has she got a charm bracelet? When I left my job last year my colleagues gave me a few Pandora charms for my bracelet - I wear it everyday, so I always have a reminder of them :)


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I think sending her a hamper type thing when she gets there with marmite, english t bags, english deodorant (so expensive out there) moisturiser and stuff... just an idea?



Yummy Mummy! xx
What about a digital photo frame? Quite light and you can load it up with loads of piccies of everyone before she goes x

Dont forget a plug adapter though! x


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If it was me I would want the following as a gift:

PG Tips
Cadburys Buttons
Galaxy Minstrels
Digestive Biscuits
Nescafe Coffee
Options hot chocolate drink
Pack of proper back bacon

This is what I miss whenever I have to travel for work!
download all the songs when something special happened to either of you . When she plays it the memories will come back.You could put it on a cd or mp3-small and easy to carry.

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