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Im starting sw on monday. Due to work and college etc I havent got time to attend meetings. Ive got all the books etc you get in your initial meeting from a colleague at work. Im a little unsure which plan to follow. Can someone please give me a shove in the right direction and explain what I need to be doing.
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Assuming your a meat eater and not vegetarian then extra easy is the one to follow! make sure each meal is 2/3 free foods (lean meat, fish, eggs, potatoes, pasta, rice etc) and 1/3 super free foods (mostly all fruit, veg and salad), have 1 healthy extra a choice a day for calcium and 1 healthy extra b choice for fibre, also include 5 - 15 sins a day for things like sauces, chocolate, crisps, sweets and snacks! see your books for more info! drink 6 - 8 glasses of water a day and do some exercise if not already.


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Yes - I'd agree. If you're a meat eater I'd focus on EE first. Once you've got your head round that then you can learn about the others. It gets a bit confusing to think about all three straight off.


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