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A little in love with my new Kindle...


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Ok, I am not quite as big a geek as Husband, but even despite some truly heinous annoyances (like not being able to alphabetise our collections - I like organisation, probably overly so) I am in luuuurrvvee.

As a true bibliophile, I resisted the urge to buy something digital, and while it will never replace all the books in our (ridiculously extensive) library, it is pretty darn cool.

In my day job, I had the opportunity to interview a publishing guru, and he said that one of the quickest, and most successful ways of giving a book a 'sales bump', was to offer it for free for digital readers, even just for two weeks... If the book's got legs, people will then buy the hard copy - he's right, too. If I like the digital version, I still want a hard copy. It's the trashy holiday reads, the seriously expensive biographies you're not sure you care enough to buy (but you've been told you should, because they will "change your life" [add your own pretentious accent]), that the digital version, or even the digital sample, are really worth the time to download. It will never replace the wonder of The Works or an awesome second hand bookstore, but it is certainly helping with storage space, and travelling with a Kindle is a godsend. Going home to Oz can be anywhere from 24-30 hours on a plane/in airports waiting for planes. I'm a quick reader, so I can get through the equivalent of all the Harry Potter books combined in one flight. This way, I actually have some room in my luggage for clothes!

Also on the plus side, the more I'm reading, the less I'm eating. I'm too pedantic to have food near the electrical equipment. Wow that makes me sound scary....

Anyhoo, just thought I'd spread the Kindle love. End of rant :D
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i used to love reading can't get my head back in it at mo. but when i was reading i used to go on a forum and they talked about these most people said they would miss the feel of a real book and i do like my books on display like a show of my personality. but i wouldn't mind having a look at one and maybe it would be handy at times. but i love reading in the bath and have dropped books in before which wouldn't be good with one of them.


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I've just got a Kindle after my beloved Sony eBook bit the dust.
So far I love it, and I really like the fact I don't need my laptop to download books to it.:D
Still buy real books tho, that'll never stop. I love having a good rumage in a secondhand bookshop. One of lifes little pleasures.

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