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A mission to be happy again - My EE food diary.

Well I am having a major down week this week and am struggling with following the plan while having a social life. I have also got out of the habit of writing everything down as I don't like carrying round a bit of paper - roll on the sw app!!

Have decided a food diary on here may be more useful - easier to update and useful to get some feedback. I have asked my c to look over them for me and heard nothing back so it's time for some help from all you mini's :)

So yesterday:

Breakfast - bitesize shreddies 28g, 250ml soya milk (hexa) and banana

Lunch - huge salad (lettuce, tomatoes and celery) ham, chicken, cottage cheese. Apple

Snack - Breakfast bar (3 syns)

Dinner - quorn fillet, 1/2 pack batchelors golden savoury rice, cabbage and mixed veg and Mayo (3 syns)
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Am going to fill this in as day goes on as its easier to keep on top of it -


Breakfast - 2 wholemeal bread (hexb) 1/2 tin low salt Heinz beans. 2 satsumas

Lunch - batchelors savoury rice, cheese (hex a) tomatoes and lettuce

Snack - apple, banana

Dinner - went to all you can eat Chinese for dads birthday. Added it up to around 20/25 syns
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Am going to fill this in as day goes on as its easier to keep on top of it -
Apologies if I'm sticking my nose in where it's not wanted, but I might have an alternative to carrying a bit of paper round with you to write your food diary. :)

I put everything on a google spreadsheet. I can get at it from wherever I can use a computer. I use it to plan my meals for the week as well, so I can always see what I'm supposed to be eating. And I can put on anything else or different that I eat.

I've got it set up to tally up my syns and my exercise as well, so I know exactly how much I've got left for the week. It really seems to make SW so much easier.


That's amazing, what a clever idea. I didnt know you could do that. I will have to look into that! Thank you. Yours looks so good!

Thank you for your input, I need allege help I can get :) x x

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