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a mix of cd, healthy eating and exersise, will it work??


getting slimmer
hi all.

ive got about a stone to go untill target.
(mybe 1 1/2)

but i'm finding it really hard to ss as i feel good about myself, and have lost of my weight (2 1/2 stone)

what i'dlike to do is ss+ when i can, but not if dont (if that mkes sense?)

tonight for instance, we are going to my grandparents for tea, who are having a roast. i'm gonna take my own peice of fish and just eat there veg, no pots.
i have been ss ing all day but this.
will this be ok, even if i have carrotts etc that arent on the "list"

i'd also ike to relax at the weekend and eat with the family, and have a few to drink aswell.

i am now going areobics for 3 sessions a week (1 hour long) and want to start the gym too.

am i likely to carry on losing weight like this??
or should i stop cd altogether and try ww or something else?

really appreciate your imput guys, thanks. xx
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You can use the CD packs in combination with food, like a slim-fast type thing. You would still lose weight, but I think the best points of the diet would be lost, plus it's really expensive to just use like that!!

I'm down to my last 20lbs or so to lose, and I've just decided to have one last week using up my packs on 810, then do low carb calorie counting to get the rest off.

I know what you mean about it being harder to stick to once you get close to target...I'm starting to think I'll never meet mine!


getting slimmer
yeah, cost is a big factor too, just really wanna do it, then cant, then can and errr......
Ok, my advice, and one thats been to goal and messed up.

Stick with it, get to within half a stone or at bmi 25 and work up the stages following the full CD way. Its only a few more weeks out of the rest of your life.

Trust me, its the only way you will get to goal and stay there. And its where I went wrong. Came off SS, messed around on 790(as it was back then) beggard up on `1000 and then lost the plot, 2 years down the line Im back on SS again.
If you want to come off SS then thats great, if you are happy, however work through the stages, thats what they are there for.

Its scientifically proved that if you do the stages you are more likely to keep it off x
my plan is to get down to

9st 7lb, and then i'm coming of the diet.

i have a gym membership, and i really do need to get back into it.

for me going to the gym worked, i just lost the plot with it.


getting slimmer
i think ss would be easier to stick to then moving up the plans as its diff food to what the rest of the family eat.
i found it so easy at first, now its just getting harder and harder.


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S: 16st0lb C: 10st4lb G: 9st7lb BMI: 24 Loss: 5st10lb(35.71%)
Your BMI is a bit too low to just SS unless you have extra packs to make it up to 810.
I just asked everyone about this, and that was the general consensus, your BMI is very similar to mine....
My 2p, which is similar to others here, is that you should stick with it until you are at (or at least quite close to) goal. The "feeling good about myself" is just your inner voices coming back and trying to break you. Believe me, if you start on the "I'll just have ...." then it will slowly snowball, not intentionally, and will eventually beat you and mess up your good work. Trust me, I have been there, done that, got the T-Shirt, and got too big for it. Getting back onto SS is very, very, very hard.

Once you are at target, come up the levels as per plan .... and don't be tempted to rush at it just to get back to eating again - the food you like will still be there when you get to the end.

Then, when you are back to eating "normally" again, the only things to remember are these 3 simple rules:

1. Eat more calories than you lose = gain weight.
2. Eat the same calories as you use = same weight.
3. Eat less calories than you use = lose weight.

Simple. You eat healthy low calorie food, you can eat more - you eat unhealthy high calorie food, you can eat less. The basic rules are the same ...... One cornish pasty, or an entire meal of chicken and vegetables ..... probably amounts to the same, but the effect will not be the same!

At the end of the day the more you exercise and burn calories, the easier it is to maintain, but get to where you really want to be first. I stopped 1/2 stone from where I wanted "truly" to be, and never got there.



please try again
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sorry but if your bmi is 23 you should not be ssing. you need to move up the plans at bmi 25 + a stone so the 810 plan or 1000


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I think Steve has hit the nail on the head! I imagine when I get near goal I will feel the same as you, but I spose that is why the plans are there....

Good luck with whichever path you decide to take... x


getting slimmer
thanks for all your info guys, and steve i know really your right.
my bmi is under 25 now though, but my cdc says he same as steve, keep ss ing untill i get to target.
gonna try my hardest and relax at weekends, if theres a big event on.
just expsensive to keep mucking around on!! x


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S: 16st0lb C: 10st4lb G: 9st7lb BMI: 24 Loss: 5st10lb(35.71%)
Our current weight, and target weight is virtually identical.
I would not SS to target partly due to the possible impact on my health/lean muscle mass. Also do you not feel that you need some time to adjust your eating to make sure you can maintain? If you SS all the way to target, will you just go straight into eating your body's full calorific need again, or build it up gradually, and end up under your target weight? (Under BMI 20)
How about moving up to 1000 plan or 1200 plan and then carry on with your aerobics? They allow you much more freedom... I am near goal myself and I am going to start moving up the plans from Monday because my BMI is now under 25 and I really, really want to have more freedom with what I can eat so I share your pain!!

I would say try 1000 plan first and see how you get on :)


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Its dangerous to SS at under bmi 25, you need to be moving up the plans asap, to stop any potential damage to your health.

I know SS is addictive as its straight forward and the losses are fab, but i think if you stick to the plans for a few more weeks you will still reach goal quickly and more importantly safely.

Good luck, and congratulations on your fantastic weight loss


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