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A new diet... for a new me... food diary!!

Hi All

Ok ive decided to start doing a food diary this is because i have said i was doing slimming world for months (but had lots of sneaky food along with it and shockingly havnt lost any weight lol) But now im going to try and do it properly so i am now going to write down everything i have eaten.. please comment if i am not doing it right or if you think i should change anything too!!

Wednesday 28th July RED DAY

Breakfast - Wheetabix and milk HExA and HExB

lots of grapes

Lunch - Bacon, lettuce and tomato with a small bit of light mayonnaise. Bread was wholemeal bread HExB
Mayonnaise 2 syns

Mullerlight yougurt

Then i went to the cinema so had 2 small bags of popcorn - 13 syns

TEA - Pork and herb meatballs with ratatouille sauce - Free

Syns - 15

Please write any comments you like but hopefully im going to start loosing some weight now im doing it properly!!
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Thursday 29th July

Ok so im not sure how much to calculate my day at as i went to Cafe Rouge for tea and im sure it will be more syns then i should have had!! any ideas please post it for me.

Extra Easy day

Breakfast -
Special k and Milk HexA and B

Lunch - Bacon, eggs, mushrooms and beans (Free)

Tea - Ok here goes..... Crispy duck confit with a plum sauce, French beans and a creamy dauphinoise potatoes
glass of rose wine - 6 syns

I have no idea how much to syn this at but i took of the skin and only had a bit of the sauce has anyone got any ideas what i should put down for eating this?? And if its too much i wont eat it again!!!


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Hi love, hate to be the bearer of bad news, but that sounds like a bit of a syn filled meal! No specific syns for Cafe Rouge online but have tried to adapt a bit: -
Basic/Non Branded Foods Duck, meat, fat & skin 28g roasted

4 Syns on Extra Easy
Original 4 Syns
Green 6 Syns

Basic/Non Branded Foods Dressing, Plum sauce 1 level tbsp
2 Syns on Extra Easy
Original 2 Syns
Green 2 Syns

Can't find anything for the potatoes, but I think they are cooked in cream...
But don't worry these things easily happen xx
Thanks Nikkie... i knew it was going to be high in syns but i have to now try and go for the healthier options when i go and eat out!!! At least i know now though haha
Friday 30th July

Today - extra easy day

Breakfast - Special k and milk HEx A & B

Lunch - 2 sausages, 2 bacon, beans and tomato, 1 wholemeal toast.
12 syns

Strawberries, grapes and cherries

Tea - Seafood paella

Total - 12 syns
Auntie me it really was nice! But this is one of my bad points i love good food haha
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Auntie me it really was nice! But this is one of my bad points i love good food haha
Don't we all hun....:break_diet: would be so nice to be one of those 'lucky' people that can eat anything and not put an ounce on!!
C'est la vie....:sigh:

Have a good weekend!! x
Saturday 31st July

Ok i now think im starting to get slimming world diet a bit more now and im enjoying cooking and tasting new recipes!!

Today i have had an extra easy day

Porridge, milk with banana Hex A&B

Mugshot and a packet of quavers (5 syns)


Tea - SW cottage pie, veg and gravy on top (3 syns as its gravy granuals)

So far today i only have 8 syns
Ok i know im quite new to this diet but why didnt i know that baked beans was 4 syns or you can have it as a HexB?? I cant believe i have never counted them.... now i really must remember this!!! :cry:
S: 15st10lb C: 14st7lb G: 10st5lb Loss: 1st3lb(7.73%)
I'm quite new myself but my understanding is that baked beans are free on Extra easy or Green but syns or Hex on Red??.... I may be wrong?? :confused:
Well that makes me feel a little better... thanks!! But i think its usually on a red day i seem to have beans... but at least i know now.
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I had a bit of a rocky start on SW. My Consultant recommended making a diary of exactly what I was eating. It highlighted several bad things I was eating, which I hadn't realised were piling on the syns and screwing up my plan.

My Consultant works in my office during the day, so keeps an eye on me and keeps me on the straight and narrow.

The first week I made the diary I scared myself with some of the things I put down, checking them in the book as I went along.

It is well worth doing though, good luck Miss Helpme.
Your right it is worth doing and that is why i have now started the diary. I will always appreciate peoples comments on what i eat and any ideas are more than welcome too... Plus i hope it will keep me on the straight and narrow with it too haha

Sunday 1st August

Extra easy day

Breakfast - Special K and milk (HEx A & B)

Lunch - Roast dinner, turkey, roast potatoes, half a yorkshire pud, stuffing, and gravy - Approx 13 syns all together

grapes and strawberries

Tea - mug shot

13 syns
Monday 2nd August

Green Day today....

Breakfast - Porridge with water HExB

fruit salad

Lunch - mugshot (free)

Packet of quavers - 5 syns

Tea - Greek salad
Feta Cheese HExA

Snack - banana sandwich (2 slices of wholemeal bread HExB)
Tuesday 3rd August

Red day today....

Breakfast - Full English yummy brekkie!!!
HExA - Milk
HEXB - 1 piece of wholemeal bread


Tea - SW Fish pie 9 syns

(this is what it says in the SW book but i think i can use the milk and cheese as healthy extras but im not sure)
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Wednesday 4th August

Red day

Special k and milk HexA&B

Salad with feta cheese HexA

Blueberries, strawberries and grapes

Enchilada and salad (1 tortilla 8 and half points as it was the tesco healthy one)
Thursday 5th August

Another Red day

Special k and milk - HEXA & B


Bacon sandwich (Bread HexB)

A butterfly cake (i know i shouldnt have but a friend had made them and had them out while i was there lol) i have no idea how much one of these will cost so im putting it at 10 syns for being a cake??

Delias toad in the hole, veg and onion gravy
6 syns

So today im putting 16 syns for today but im not sure due to the cake...


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Hello there!!

Just having a nosey at your diary and noticed that on "some" of the days you had a RED day you didnt have your TWO Hexb's, you just had one. Make sure you dont miss out on that extra HEXb!! ;)

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