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A pint of water weighs a-pound-and-a-quarter

Having consulted google, apparently 1pt of water is 1.04 lb

I find water a great appetite suppressant, A couple of pints on WI night to last me until after group will not be repeated.

To be honest I had assumed I had lost sufficient to cover the extra "water" - that will teach me to take SW for granted:cry:
your googling is wrong...
you may have found a site refering to US pints..

a pint is 20 fluid ounces in the UK.. the US is 16 fluid ounces..
so a uk pint is 1 1/4 US pints... hence is a US pint is 1lbs ( 16 ounces to a lb ) then a UK pint is 1.25lbs....
this of course depends on things like temperature and so on which would affect the density of the water and therefore how much water is in the glass...
Thanks Jack!

Perhaps it was the US Google. So the old adage is not merely a wives tale.

An Imperial pint weighs 20 Imperial fluid ounces, or about 568 grams.


Water is 1 kilogram per litre at sea level, at 25 degrees celcius, and the water has to be pure. Don't forget to add this into the equation.

We'll just say a pound and a quarter then lol.

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