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A Query

I have seen them in the shop! You'll probably need to syn the individual components. What day were you on? Red, green or EE?
Mayo is pretty high syns, can you guesstimate the size of the portion of mayo?
well it's not under 5 syns on red, if that helps.... sorry



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i wouldnt even go there,they was in the paper last week and apparently they have more fat in than a big mac and fries,i had 1 of them last week and the chicken pasta one and gained 3 this week i stayed away from them and lost that 3,i work for morrisons and it really annoys me that they put no nutrition values on
I didn't realise the mayo was mixed in with the tuna till i got home there was quite a bit of it so it was prob about 10 syns. I was in a rush and thought it would be better then a sarnie but was probably wrong. I was very good all day yesterday so think i can get away with it.

It was a green day BTW most my days are green days my OH is a veggie so i tend not to have meat at home as he moans about the smells etc

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I wouldnt worry over it Huni. If you were good as you say you were yesterday, then it will be ok.


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A level tbsp of mayonnaise is 5 syns. If the tuna was noticeably mayo-y, it's probably got more than 1 level tbsp. I don't know what else is in those... Is there cheese? 1oz of cheese is a HexA. Every oz after that is 6 syns.

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