A question for the ladies...TMI sorry boys...

Discussion in 'Cambridge Weight Plan' started by Mia01101, 21 June 2007 Social URL.

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  1. Mia01101

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    What do ye do when you get those bloody huge carb cravings that happen just the week previous to AF arriving...

    I am fighting a HUGE battle here to keep them at bay - I'm drinking so much water but it ain't working...HELP!!!

    All I want is a dirty big chipper burger with loads of chips OR pastry....a big pie with pastry...

    Seriously...I feel like I'm going loopy here....

    Don't say more water....I have determined that my body can handle no more than 4 litres of water a day...otherwise I have the runs!
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  3. Sambucca

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    Good Morning Mia.

    Hope you didnt give in to your cravings last night! I had a really difficult day yesterday although nothing to do with TOTM, and drinking more water didnt help.

    A cup of coffee with a sweetener helps for an hour or so. I ended up having a row with hubby and getting a reasonably early night. Feel much better this morning.
  4. bunnycd

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    I just use to have a AAM when I felt like this, if you do it may effect your loss by around 1lb. As you go on in your journey these cravings will go - promise. Instead you will be craving for an apple. It is a journey not a race and you have done so well so far, don't give in. Being thin tastes so much better. Love Bunny CD
  5. That's_So_Fetch

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    I was like this last week. I was craving chips and burgers and crisps, mmmmmmm crisps. I wanted them so bad that i almost started crying, lol.

    What i found helpful was to go out for a walk. The fresh air and things around me took my mind off food. I also tried on some old clothes that i kept from before i gained weight and when i saw that they fit me again i was determined not to give in to my cravings, i thought that its just not worth it.

    Sometimes what helps me is when i cook food. This really takes my cravings away. Since i have been on CD, i cannot stop asking people if i can cook for them. I find it calming and relaxing. I think because you are doing something with food, like cooking it, it feels like you still have it in your life so you dont miss it or crave it as much. Does that make sense, lol.

    I know its difficult but you can fight the cravings. Sometimes drinking lots of water doesn't help with these cravings so just drink the amount you are comfortable with (i used to drink lots of water and it used to make me feel awful and very bloated). Try do something to take your mind off food.

    Good Luck xx :princess:
  6. Sunflowers

    Sunflowers Wants to be a yummy mummy

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    Are you SSing? If so then just have your AAM week every week you're suffering pmt (assuming you have a 28 day cycle!) and that will hopefully help it?
  7. Champess

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    Tell yourself it's your hormones and try to ride it out. I could demolish ten mars bars when it's that week comming up. I know how you feel but try not to give in.

    How about a tetra ice cream would that help or a thick shake with crushed ice. Maybe not if it the savour stuff your are craving but how about a soup with some psyllium husks in to make it thick in a bowl or making some crisps.

    Big decaff coffee and a hot bath, or how about this one, stand in the bathroom or bedroom or wherever and rub loads and loads of lush coconut or almond body cream into your legs, arms, bum etc etc. Induldge yourself but in a different way from the carbs!

    Hope this might help a little - it WILL get easier xxxxxx
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