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A question for those who have been on it for a while

i was on lt for 15 weeks and never felt full of energy.some days were worse than others.don't get me wrong,i wasn't totally lacking,i was ok but felt i could do with some more.
i know others feel great and have bags of energy.
guess we are all different x


maintaining since June'09
Yes I too would read how all these people were bursting with energy and cleaning their houses from top to bottom but in my (also strangley enough) 15 weeks it never happened. I was okay but didn't get that boost and was VERY cold!

Best of luck with your LT journey! xx
refeed was fine but then had some personnal probs which led me to put a little back on(i think).still in same size clothes but will be restarting lipotrim next week or so to lose the rest.stopped just short of my target but i'm gonna lower it now x


Eyes on the Prize!!
I've been on this for 19 days and I have more energy than I did before. But some things are still more of an effort. Only because your body is in ketosis. I don't feel sluggish like I used to and I'm sleeping much better at night.

Today was a good day, I take one day at a time as I know there will always be good days and bad days. Today was good, so I keep that feeling with me as long as possible!

Its never easy but its also certainly not as hard as it was in the beginning.

It does get better. If you can stick out the first week, the second won't be as bad xx


Don't Worry Be Happy
no energy here, i even had to stop going the gym but its all worth it:)
I did LT for twelve weeks last year and I can honestly say I
never had an energy boost, I didn't feel any more tired than
usual running around after two kids running the house and working
but didn't feel any worse just the same really. I think once I have lost
a couple more stone I may feel more energetic I've gotten back to the weight
I stopped at last year so we will see in the coming weeks:)

irish molly

Maintaing LT loss on GL
Guess everyone is different. I also think it depends on how much weight you have to lose as well. If, like me, you have a lot to lose, then when you lose a stone or two you have a bit more energy just because you are no longer carrying around that load!!!! Try lifting a 15kg bag of spuds and see what I mean. For me, I definitely have more energy and feel great.
I was on TFR for 5 months and as I lost weight I became more energetic during the day, but that may just have been carrying around much less fat. I did (and still do) get tired at night and am going to bed really early (usually before 10pm) but I have always been a morning person so am up and on the exercise bike by 5.45, full of beans (well.... fullish)



Size 14 here i come!
I am one of the ones who do get the energy and i thinkit is because my diet normally is that poor lacking in veg and fruit and vits etc that when i do LT/CD i get all those lovely vits. Also i stop putting all the rubbish food into my body which makes me sluggish and down. Don't get me wrong i do have days where i could sleep the day away but more often than not i spring out of bed in a morn instead of being dragged out. Get plenty of early nights too, late nights will not help at all. hth
thanks guys think thats my prob i go to bed late due to my job i work untill 12 2 nights then untill 10 pm other nights and the time i drive home and get in to bed i just cant sleep not alot i can do about the time i work to tho what a nitemare lol
I hope i don't get too tired! But it would be nice to get an energy boost lol. Will keep an eye on this thread to see what people say.
I go through bursts of energy,one day I will be buzzing and then other days half asleep
yeah i feel i have more energy now than i did before and to b honest less grouchy xxx
i think im more on the quiet side, maybe cos i have a situation that needs to be solved so i feel more visualised. tho my sister commented on how alive i was today. i wasnt moody..and i was having a good laugh. even though i was smelling that food! but come evening i do feel a lil sense of fatigue..but i sleep.

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