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A quick question about freezing & cooking packs


Call me Nicky xx
Hi all,

Just a quick question, does freezing the shakes (i.e making them into ice cream etc) destroy the nutrients, the same as cooking them does (i.e making a muffin etc.) :confused:

I know that we should only cook 1 pack a day but was wondering whether freezing packs had the same rules?

All advise appreciated. Cheers Guys

Nicky x
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CD wont say it doesnt destroy nutrients because they havent researched it, but to be honest to my knowledge freezing might reduce the nutrients but wont destroy them. I dont cook and only freeze one every now and then as a treat, although I had alot of treats the last couple of weeks with the warmer weather LOL


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Dont know the answer to the question lol, but, you can make "ice cream" (after a fashion ;)) with your pack, a little water & some ice cubes, in a smoothie maker. I will say however my attempt at doing so produced a rather dodgy end result lol


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I always use ice to make my packs - blend them into a thick shake, it is the only way I can stomach them as a liquid. I don't think that it does too much damage as I survived on them for 10 weeks last year with no ill effects.

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