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  1. Dancing

    Dancing Gold Member

    Hi everyone.

    I started on LL in September last year and by February (with a 5 week holiday over christmas) I had lost 6.5 stone.

    I moved to CD in January because of my holiday and because I moved and since then have mostly hung out on the CD forum rather than the LL forum. The LL forum was a much quieter thread back then too ... and CD were such a chatty lot :).

    I've struggled and struggled to get down to my goal of 12 - 12.5 stone.

    I now weigh 15 stone (give or take a pound) and on Monday I begin abstinance again (still on CD though as can't afford the four weeks up front all my local LLCs tell me I'd have to pay for the refresher course). This abstinant period will last 9 weeks.

    It won't be easy but I'd like to do it with the support of those of you on the LL forum. I in turn will be here with my support and encouragement for all of you.

    Hope you are happy to have me.!
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  3. bexnkev

    bexnkev Silver Member

    Cambridge Diet
    Course we are happy to have you Dancing...good luck with the abstinence ;)
  4. Sarette

    Sarette Gold Member

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    Cambridge Weight Plan
    You can do it B, I am right here with you :) (hope they'll have me too even though I have never done LL, I am fed up of the "I've cheated" posts on CD :eek:
  5. Dancing

    Dancing Gold Member

    phew. This feels brilliant to be here among like minded peeps :)
  6. Blonde Logic

    Blonde Logic Yes. You can.

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    Hello again Dancing! COurse we'd have you - never knew we didn;t! :)

    All good luck as you go back to abstainance! We are all here for you, and all understand the ups and downs, so head down, focus and power through Mrs! I know you can do it!

    ANd hello to you too Sarette. The more the merrier!

  7. Prettyfacebut?

    Prettyfacebut? ...body-has-caught-up!!!!

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    Ooooo....can I be in your gang? (Hi B and S:))
    I tend to lurk everywhere but it's good to find where my buddies are hanging out:D
  8. mikey

    mikey Silver Member

    Good luck Dancing - Glad to see yu posting on the LL forum - Please do keep us updated as I raerely stray from the LL threads...
  9. Sez

    Sez has started again!!

    Hi Dancing and good luck!! I will hover here too as I lost 8 stone on LL last year, with so much support from the LL guys.

    I am about to give a low carb go, as I cannot afford to buy packs (either CD or LL ) right now, but I am single minded in my purpose and so want to stick to my chosen path.

    I believe the peeps on here are like minded and will support you all he way.

    I'll pop in too from time to time if I may? (I like to flit.......LOL!)
  10. Dancing

    Dancing Gold Member

    Thank you for the welcome and wow - great to have Sarah, D come along too. Feel like we are gatecrashing LL so thanks for your support BL, Mikey, BexnKev and anyone who may come along later.

    Sez - I'll still pop into the Atkins forum every now and then and would be great for you to check up on me here (no mention of food on here though :) otherwise we won't be welcome additions to the LL Forum.

    Bring it on. 3 stone to go and at the end of that you all get to see my before and after bikini shots (!!!! ha ha ha enough to scare you off)
  11. roxys-house

    roxys-house Member

    Lighter life
    Hi all,


    I am starting again on LL packs on monday to shift a couple of stone that i have let creep back on since loosing 7 stone last year, so will no doubt be requiring some support. Please keep nagging me to do some exercise as that is my weakness!!!!
    This is the first time i have use a forum so not too sure how it all works but i'm sure i'll get the hang of it.

    Good luck the rest of you in reaching your goals :clap:
  12. jennikay

    jennikay Gold Member

    I think I may hop over here too!
    I totally understand your reasoning for wanting to be here instead of on the CD forum, everywhere you look there's 'I've cheated :cry:' threads and it's a bit depressing.

    I'll probably stay over there too, but I like it here. :)
  13. Dancing

    Dancing Gold Member

    oh cool jennykay. This is brilliant that we can have refuge here.

    Hi Roxy - well, you just worked out how to use the forum. Well done and welcome to minimins it and the people on it are great.
  14. x-Katie-x

    x-Katie-x Gold Member

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    erm No! :) Course you're welcome, glad to have you in here, you know I'll be needing you come Monday when Day 1 strikes!

    Forgetting dieting for a minute - how's that puddy cat of yours today?

    Still think you looked ever so ill last night - totally gorgeous but too ill to have had to go into work xx

    Speak soon

    'the oldie'

  15. Dancing

    Dancing Gold Member

    Darling keto seems to be back to his greedy "eat everything in sight" self. Guess it was his time of the month or something :) - or he heard me whispering that he is going to get his bits removed in a couple of weeks and went on hunger strike in protest. Glad he is well and thanks for asking.

    Was soo good to see you yesterday
  16. toller-girl

    toller-girl constantly confused

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    was Lighter Life, now Cambridge Diet
    The more the merrier! :D

    I love how this forum is an extension of the LL counselling really, it tends to be more introspective and I like reading about peoples personal journeys and learning about myself along the way :)
  17. fingers crossed

    fingers crossed Silver Member

    Hiya hun, I just dropped by after seeing your post on the other thread & wanted to say that I totally agree with you. Apart from last week when I was told that I'd end up in hospital if I didn't eat, I've always had the same attitude as you whilst on CD. Whats the point of doing it if you aren't going to do it? (if that makes sense?!) Glad you have made a decision that works for you. I wish you lots of luck over the next few weeks & look forward to seeing your pics! x
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