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A small celebration

Actually, it's more like a HUGE celebration :talk017:

Some of you may remember I have have a big family wedding on Aug 16th, I am a bridesmaid and I was REALLY struggling to get into my dress (that I had to order 2 years ago!).

On Sat I tried it on and couldn't quite get it done up (we were so, so close). I tried it again last night (4 days later) and I'M IN!!!! It is a little tight but I can breath... With any luck it'll not be quite so tight in another 4 days either!!!

Yipppeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D
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Wow well done Clepottage personally I think that's
what makes it all worthwhile dare I say nothing tastes
like thin feels ! I know controversial but keeping me
going well done again x
So, so thrilled for you - and now you won't have to face the wrath of C!


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That is wonderful news so pleased for you xxx


Never give up
Boy, what a relief that must be Clep!

What were they planning on doing if it hadn't zipped up though - talk about the seat of your pants! ;)

I hope you have a fabulous day at the wedding. :)


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Well done hun, that's fab!


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Well done:clap::clap::clap:
Thanks everyone, I'm thrilled! I have to admit I was a bit frightened about what the bride might do to me if I hadn't managed to get in the dress!

What were they planning on doing if it hadn't zipped up though - talk about the seat of your pants! ;)
I had a very lovely, tame seamstress lined up to try to make me a discreet panel and insert it so (hopefully) peple wouldn't notice.

Now, just hoping it'll be a tiny bt less tight come Monday!
Whats your dress like?
Amazingly nice!! Floor length, strapless, black satin ballgown. Fitted bodice with full skirt. Makes me feel dead sexy (and not TOO fat either!).

Definately not your average bridesmaid dress.
I'm going to take my shakes and try to stay 100%. Not sure I'll manage though...
I'm not sure. I know they're having a posh type of BBQ with a really wide choice of meats/fish and veggies. Other than that I don't know!

I'm hoping that I might be able to push food over to my LSH, but as he' best man, we may be seperated and it may not be possible. I am actually quite worried about it, I really don't want to offend anyone and I also don't want to spend the entire weekend explaing TFR to everyone (not everybody I've spoken to has been exactly supportive and I don't want to have to defend myself constantly).

Gahhh. Yes, am certainly concerned about it!
I'm assuming you're not chief bridesmaid, so with there being 8, I'm sure you won't be on top table which always helps! It'll all be fine :nod:
nice one!
Hmmm difficult with your OH being best man but you could just get a plateful and not eat it, plus pretend to drink your wine. Have a shake before you go and one at the end of the day then try and fit one in or nibble a flapjack (do you like them) during the day. Tonnes of water and dancing, once the formal bit of eating is over then your free to do what you want. You can do it if you want, pretend its nerves as i bet the bride will not eat much. Good luck!! I have a family bbq on sat and I am not telling any of them about my diet. I'll manage, the kids keep me busy so that will distract people from me not eating. xx
Thanks so much everyone, just got back from my weigh in (a day early this week too) and have lost another 5lbs, which is motivation enough to keep me 100% I hope!

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