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A weight loss tip !!!!

Hi everybody!

I'm starting Slimming World tomorrow after being on Weight Watchers for the past 3 months and losing 2 stone and 4lb. Although I've really enjoyed the new Weight Watchers programme I've found it's becoming a little repetitive and boring, and I've found myself starting to cheat a little.

By switching to Slimming World for a few months it gives me the chance to eat things I wouldn't really have been able to eat on the Weight Watchers plan, and when I feel myself slipping I'll go back to Weight Watchers for a bit.

The reason I sound so confident that this method will work for me is because I lost 4 stone by swapping plans about 3 years ago for my wedding. Falling pregnant whilst on my honeymoon unfortunately left me putting most of the weight back on again, and now I feel ready to begin my weight loss journey again.

If any of you are struggling and feel yourself slipping I would recommend going over to Weight Watchers, just for a little while, and then coming back to Slimming World when you feel yourself slipping again.

I have struggled with my weight my entire life, and only suceeded when I did the switching plans method. By doing things this way I know that I will shift the last 2 stone.

Now to refresh my mind on the Slimming World way of thinking........ xxx
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how wierd i was considering this tonigh but read through a few posts over there and it seemed a lil restrictive. was thinking of joining up to see how the plan works these days!
goodluck with sw and well done on weightloss so far x


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I would love to know if you can still only eat so many points worth as I was starving all the time on ww years back.


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My feeling is that as long as you stick to the plans, both will work. I love SW because I find it less restrictive and I never 'run out' of food that I like, however I wouldn't be able to do SW if I didn't cook for myself - most 'ready meals' are high enough in syns so they won't leave me with enough for the 'fun stuff' that keeps me on track. However if I was eating ready meals all the time, I think WW would work better.

So, good luck, welcome to SW and feel free to ask if you have any questions.

Gail x


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I must admit it's nice to eat "different" things on both diets.
On SW I would never eat bagels, wraps, muffins, crumpets but on WW I would - however, I found WW too restrictive when it came to meat and carbohydrate portions - probably because I used points on other things!

WW has improved a lot in my opinion, especially as all fruit and most veg are now point free.

It's great if it works for you as it does keep things fresh, but unfortunately it didn't/doesn't work for me.

Great thread.


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I sort of did WW a few years ago ( borrowed the books and bought a points calculator ), and it was too restrictive for me.
I stopped for a portion of chicken kebab meat one day after months of salads etc, and I was nearly crying in the car on the way back after the internal struggle went on.
I ended up eating it anyway and that was the end of my WW journey.

I love that SW let's you have stuff like that.

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my WW days are well and truly over, now that I have found SW. for me its the only one that I would be able to sustain long term.
I even forget Im on a diet, where as with WW, my whole day was spent thinking about food and what I could spend my points on.
thats great that you can work both plans and your weight loss on WW is really impressive. enjoy your time on SW!
Im doing SW yet i still find myself totting up the ww points ive had some days! Thats the main reason Ive stopped WW, i was constantly thinking about food, counting points, i couldnt see someone with a bar of chocolate or an icecream without thinking "oh there x amount of points in that".....I do agree though, Ive lost about 2.5stone doing the ww plan and about 9lbs so far doing SW. I think its about refreshing yourself and your eating habits!! Good tip!!


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I lost 3 stone on WW after having my son but now ive found SW i woyldnt go back! WW does not seem to encorage enough healthy eating ... But WW are more up with the times ... The website/apps and products are very very up to date

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WW does encourage healthy eating, very much so.
I read a WW mag recently, the recipes and meal plans were great and very very healthy.
I just thought it a bit too restrictive for me, but not at all unhealthy.

Each to their own though :)


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jaylou said:
WW does encourage healthy eating, very much so.
I read a WW mag recently, the recipes and meal plans were great and very very healthy.
I just thought it a bit too restrictive for me, but not at all unhealthy.

Each to their own though :)
They dont discourage it but you could get away with eating hardly any ... With SW you cant really escape and still lose weight

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If this works for you then great. My only advice would be watch you dont get yourself confused between points and syns. Ive been a serial back and to girl and am afraid to say i have no weight loss to show for it!! I do think a positive is that on ww you learn more about portion control which can be a useful skill on sw. Plus you can carry over the focus on basic healthy foods from sw onto ww.


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I did WW a few years back, I lost a couple of stone and tho miserable with my diet, I was happy I lost the weight... However, the plan is not one I could stick to for life. You have to be quite obsessive about food and points which really is not good for you. I got fed up with not relaxing around food without trying to work out the values and started to eat a lot of ready meals to save time. I hate ready meals and as soon as I went back to what I thought was normal eating, my weight ballooned very quickly. I ended up being heavier then before I started. Thought I would give this a go because it seems so much more laid back.


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I lost 4 stone on WW 4 years ago but it made me obsessed with getting my daily allowance as low as possible. I started off being allowed 20 points a day but ended up having about 5 a day, eating only 2 apples and a tesco healthy living cranberry cereal bar a day and drinking about 10 cups of green tea a day. I was a size 0 having to wear children's clothes. I thought I was fine but obv wasn't. With the help of friends and family and stopping smoking I got over this but have now put all the weight back on. I've already lost 1 st 7lb on SW since feb and have never eaten so well :)
WW really works for some people but for me SW is the safer healthier option.


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Thanks for starting this thread as I am feeling a little demoralised on SW 2 weeks after STS after trying hard one week & being slightly naughty the second week but still staying the same. Suffering a lot with PMT & wanted to eat everything in front of me (the PC looks tasty!) at mo so after reading this I feel more motivated . I have done WW before but found the classes very unfriendly & clicky & the fact they sit in rows & not a circle in group I found odd too. Anyway one thing I have learnt recently is too look at calories in things that are low sin as my mum has lost nearly 3 ½ stone due to chemo & we are trying to build her up & I have never ever looked at calories of things until then & am shocked how high somethings are
Aw sorry to hear about your mum. As regards syns, you are allowed up to 15 per day, but my c told us to stick to 10. To be honest I never have 10 as by the time I have had all my fruit I am too full.Stick with it, you will get there. A lot depends on your c. Mine is fantastic and so motivating, find a group you like and this will help, if indeed you are going to go to group rather than doing it online. For me the group and staying for I T is essential. I am a slow loser but we will all get there in the end if we keep at it.You will probably find you will start to lose soon good luck in your journey. This forum is great and we are all here to support each other.


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Oh great, my mom just set her target and starts chemo in a few weeks.
She will have to start paying on top of everything else. ::rolleyes::

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