a year ago i was soooo miserable...


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and i am so thankful that i found cd in feb.

if not i could still be 14stone+, possibly even alot more considering the rate i was gaining during 2006-2007.

this xmas i will be 10 stone and not 14,7 and will be wearing lovely clothes to make me feel great instead of things which cover me up.

thank the lord i am alot happier in myself and have also have the amazing privilege of becoming a cdc and able to help others achieve the same as i have this year.

good luck to all cd'ers and well done to all those who have managed to lose the weight.

3 cheers to cd lol...

just felt like saying this!!!!!
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i am also glad to have discovered cd, it has saved my life and my waist x


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Well done. Can't wait until I can say that too. And I know it will come because I have finally found the diet for me. It's a great feeling. Roll on the summer when I can say the same!


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well done hun, I am sure you will be feeling over the moon :) you have done so well x


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Well done you.
Know the feeling and it's good.
Hope i can keep it off 'til next Christmas, time will tell.


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S: 15st12lb C: 15st8lb G: 10st0lb Loss: 0st4lb(1.8%)
nibbles you have done so well, thats such a fab loss in a few months.
bet you feel like a new person!
night owl, keep going and you too will get the same feeling. its like a new lease of life.
i am not as light as i would like to be BUT i have to remember what i have achieved so far. i am so much happier now than i was last year so hopefully the last stone will come off eventually.
good luck to all those losing and to all those who have lost good luck in maintaining


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Well done, I can really relate to that especially at this time of year, thinking about it I was really pretty down under the happy exterior. :(


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Well done on such a great loss, can't wait till I can feel like that, I keep wishing I had started earlier so I would be lighter by xmas but I shouldn't forget how well I am doing. Hope summer will be a different story for me!! xx