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I HAVE HAD ENOUGH TODAY!!!!!! :cry: My day started by some stupid cow driving so fast past me in the car park at work that she swerved and wacked into the side of me, so now have bruise on my arm!! Then work is so manic that I end up working until all hours at the moment !! Tonight I got in at 8 p.m. only to find my dog having a hypo (she's diabetic), so I had to bring her out of that and now my boyfriend is being an arse!!! I was feeling so low so I ate a quorn fillet and he moaned at me and asked if I am still losing a pound per day and said that I shouldn't keep deviating from my diet!! Who the bloody hell does he think he is - if I lost a pound every day then I would lose all my weight in about two months which would be great but - HELLO....NEVER GONNA HAPPEN!!!!! Surely I am better off picking at a quorn fillet than pigging out on crisps and chocolate like I used to!!! I have been very low lately and I know that this week, I have had chicken and cucumber pretty much every night (instead of one of my shakes), but some days it's all that keeps me going!!! But I would rather that and keep losing the weight than go to the shop in secret like I used to and gorge on chips!! Why is it in life that no matter how hard you try or how hard you work or how much you try to do your best, it's never enough for some people.
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Oh, so sorry you are having a crappy day - I am too if its any consolation.

You are right that quorn is far better than the crisps and chocolate that most of us turn to for comfort, and considering the day you have had Im not surprised you had to eat something.

Try to keep focused on your goals, and you have to lose your weight in a way that YOU are comfortable with. If you are confident that you can nibble at chicken and quorn without it turning into a binge then as far as Im concerned you are not doing too badly.
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I hope you have a better day tmrw. I think you have done incredibly well not to reach for all the wrong foods when you have had such an awful day, i dont think i could have resisted. The diet sometimes does effect your mood and make things seem 10 times worse but tmrw will be much better. Try to picture how you will look when you reach your goal weight and let it take you to happyland. Thats what i do when i have a bad day. But even better, if you continue to have aaaaaggggggghh days, you should invest in a punchbag and take all your anger out on it, it feels great, as well as toning your arms, lol.

I hope you have a better day tmrw :) :hug99: