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aaaahhhh I really want an Indian!!


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i used to find looking at recipe books would take my mind off eating!
my LLC said it was my 'food porn!'
it would make me think about food but kill my appetite

might be worth trying - tho it could have the opposite effect i suppose....don't blame me if it does, lol!

the other thing which kept me focussed was repeating the mantra 'its only food, it's only food'! and thinking that whatever i was craving would actually still be there in 6 months time!

good luck!
daisy x
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I used to always want an Indian. A cherokee, or a navajo, or a hopi. Indian (red) men are gorgeous. :D

Oh - not that kind ay? ;)

You do NOT want an indian. Because that will make you feel perfectly horrible - inside and out.

One - it would probably mkae you sick to your stomach - and that will ruin indians forever! ever hurl a curry? not nice! :D

two - you will feel guilty, and that you let yourself down - which you would be doing. ;)

Shake it off, and dream of the indians in the future, when you are in control, slim, gorgeous and triumphant. They will tast SO much better then.

Previous life..........

I shared an outdoor hot tub in Palm Springs with 2 Native Americans (and my ex-husband), but it was fun.
At least I've lived...............:sigh:
S: 258lb C: 228lb G: 168lb BMI: 35.7 Loss: 30lb(11.63%)
Hi Mommy!!! :D

<droooooool> Oh yes, I definately want one of THOSE indians....have for a very long time. IN fact, almost got one of those instead of my Harley, but felt the HD was more afforable at the time.

Beautiful bikes those. ABsolutely gorgeous. :)

Nice one MB!!


(Nice to see you again! ALright? :))
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yes i'm still plodding along with lifes ups and downs-been following your antics with Lakeland plastics and all that Jam making etc!!


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Hi Mel, am late to this - hope you resisted!

All I was going to say was just think how smug your 'friend' would be to see you tucking into a big curry....
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I am sure you resisted, you know it wouldn't be worth it after all your hard work.

Indian food is my fave and the OH had one last night:eek:

I was a little miffed to say the least, even thought about licking his plate lol but i resisted.

Instead i sat on here and read all about your weight loss and others and said to myself that this isn't going to be forever and i will be able to have one some day:D

The sun is shining:character00238:


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I did resist girls!! I think just posting on here helps!!!


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Good Girl!!! Now don't you feel gooderer!!


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Well done Mel!
Coming on here always seems to put us back on track doesn't it!
Milli x

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