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Aaaarrrgh the pain!!!

There was me thinking exercise was supposed to be good for you. I was happily enjoying a run this morning - indoors I hasten to add - I was doing an 'easy' workout on the EA Sports Active game - have done it loads, but I guess I just didn't stretch enough. :sigh:

As I said, I was enjoying an 'on the spot' run... then POP, and mega pain in the back of my left leg... maybe my achilles, maybe a muscle? I dunno, but the pain!!! :cry:

And I have to trek up to London for a meeting today... Think I might need to get an earlier train so I have sufficient limping time to find the location. I've taped on a heat pad in the hope it'll help, and have stocked up on ibuprofen for the day, but any hugs you can send me would be great!!
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bloody suck don't it. i went for a 2k run yesterday (treadmill) then dont 2k up hill. today my thighs are bloody killing me. try biofreeze works wonders


Mad old Bat with Attitude
Oh babes! Mega hugs! But don't blame yourself! Latest research shows that not stretching before exercise doesn't have any bearing on muscle injuries. Whereabouts is your pain?
Thanks for the words guys.

It seems it's 'calf strain' - I've pulled the calf muscle, and the 'pop' was most likely the muscle tearing from the achilles tendon.
Of course I did exactly the opposite of what I should have (but didn't know til I got home in the evening and called my physio!) - I should have followed the RICE protocol - Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation - Instead I taped on a heat pad, and limped up to London for a meeting I couldn't miss!! It had loads of rest and elevation over the weekend though - had OH running about making me tea and cooking the dinner (though his idea of dinner, is a jar of curry sauce on some chicken!! Really MUST get him used to the idea of following a recipe...)

so, on the plus side, it doesn't seem as bad as it could have been - I'm walking fairly well now, with only a light twinge of pain every now and again. Doing gentle stretching 3 times a day, and I'm planning to go for a swim tomorrow morning before work.

I am determined though that this is not going to dent my motivation to lose the weight and get fit.... I'll be back on that 30 day challenge as soon as I'm fit to do so!

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