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Sorry peeps but I need to vent before I break something in the office!!!!!

I have just been onto my ex's/current (whatever we are) facebook profile and he has a wall message from one of the girls at my daughters nursery......now it wouldnt be so bad if she hadnt from the start happily shown that she fancies him, she's got my daughters bloody pic on her freakin key chain and I am just boiling !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Isn't that a bit un-professional??????? I wonder if she is friends with all the bloody dads at nursery.........

Sorry, might not make any sense to anyone but I am furious!!!!!! :mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad:
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that is abit naughty of her! but i wouldnt have a clue if its 'against the rules'. is it just me or is it abit weird that she has some1 else childs pic on her key chain :confused:


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Does her boss know she's 'close' to him? I think it's very un-proffesional of her. Perhaps an anon letter to her boss might make you feel better about the whole thing?:devilangel:


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Thanks ladies...

No. she is not going out with him as she as a boyfriend but you know when some people act really ridiculous in front of someone, you could just tell she likes him. She never acts like that with me that's for sure.

She's had a my daughters pic on her key ring for a good while and I have brought it up with her. To me it is really out of order as it's not even her work keys, but her house and car key ring. My girl has always been a favourite of hers ever since she started at 5months (she's now 3) and it's not because of me that's for sure, as we have had our tiffs.

I just wouldnt dream of adding clients that I work with on Facebook, it just wouldn't happen!!!!!
id def want the keyring back thats actually quick freaky. i know she is a favourite but still though...she doesnt have all the other kids pics on her keys


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I'd go to the nursery manager/owner and complain. Its just too weird to have another child on your keyring that isn't family/close friend.


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Where did she get the pic of your daughter from?? I had to sign a letter to say my son could have his picture taken at nursery, as far as im concerned the pics should be for nursery use only not for staff members to take home they could end up in any1s hands . I would complain hunni.


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I'm a childminder and a qualified nursery nurse and she definately should not have a picture of your daughter on her keyring, especially saying as you have already said you have challenged her over it in the past. As someone else has said the nursery should have paper work you have signed to say whether or not it is ok for them to keep pictures of your child. These should only be used for keeping a record of the childs development or, if you have agreed, in any advertising of the nursery.

When we adopted our daughter 2 years ago her social worker had a photo of her on his desk at work, we asked him to take it down as we felt it inappropriate, when he refused we took it further and he got a real ticking off.

I do have photos of the kids I childmind because my own kids are also in the pictures but their parents are all aware of them and are given copies of every single one.

I honestly would speak to a supervisor or the nursery manager, she is out of order.

Good luck



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penny you really need to go to the manager about this.... if someone had a picture of my child on their keys i would go ballistic... it isn't right hunny... you need to take this higher

ps loving the jessica rabbit... need one on my avatar too lol


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penny you really need to go to the manager about this.... if someone had a picture of my child on their keys i would go ballistic... it isn't right hunny... you need to take this higher
exactly if it was a bloke that had it then he would probably get called a 'u know what' for that kinda thing doesnt make it better just cause its a woman. u have to ask permission for that kinda thing


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im also a nursery nurse and thou ive been good friends with several of the mothers ive never ever had a picture of any child as a keyring, on my phone nothing, its highly unprofessional. i did have a few pics of some children but they were given to me by the parents
if youve brought it up with her and shes ignored you and kept the picture then go to the nursery manager immediatly, explain you tryed to resolve the matter personally but she wont remove it, ask the manager to get the keyring off her and give it back to you.

imo she will be lucky not to be sacked for such a breach of confidentuality!


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I too am a qualified Nursery Nurse, I currently am the deputy manager of a nursery, and I can tell you now that there is NO WAY this person should have your child's (or any of the nursery kids) photo in her personal possession, regardless of what form it takes (ie, keyring, snapshot, nothing at all!)
The only camera used to take pictures of the children should be the nursery camera, and then it should only be done if a parent has signed a form giving their consent to photo's being taken. These photographs should be used to document progress of the children in their development file, or on displays around the room. As soon as they are taken from display they should either be passed straight to the parent (but only if it is only their child on it), filed in the keyworker file, or shredded.
It is a serious breech of confidentiality and you are clearly uncomfortable with it. It needs addressing ASAP.


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I know, when I first saw it I was fuming!!! After I had spoken to her I got the feeling she was going to take it out but I saw it again recently.

It's one of the pics that actually say 'copy' across the front.

If she really really wanted one she should have asked me rather than taken one of those.

Don't worry peeps I will have a word with the manager ASAP.

Goolian....I loove Jessica Rabbit, if I could look like anyone it would be her :D


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I'm a nursery nurse too (golly, why are so many of us overweight and on here with all the running about we have to do!!) and this is completely out of order. I also repeat what the others have said that if either of my children were on someone other than close family's keys I would not be happy at all.
If it has copy over it, does it suggest she has taken it from the envelopes from the photographer when you have returned it with your order.
My gut feeling is not good on this one and i hope you get it sorted out really soon.


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god is she sounds a bit freaky to me would deffo ask to explain about keyring!!!!!

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