AAM week, instead of meal add a shake/soup ?


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Just a question really.

I am not doing it myself but was asked last night by someone who is interested in starting the diet after Christmas.... when you get to AAM week, couldnt you just have an extra shake or soup instead ??

Personally I think its nice to have the meal, and look forward to it, but wondered if there is any reason why you couldnt have the extra shake/soup!

Be interesting to know the answer to the query, and can pass it on.


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never been asked this question before, but my guess would be that the whole point of aam week is to get you used to eating again, ie preparing you for when you're no longer sole sourcing....

the other thing, which is probably more important is that, Coma guidlines, say that if you are on packs alone for more that 4 weeks you need to see a doctor fora general checkup - ie blood pressure. By adding the meal at week 4 you don't need to do that as you've not gone 28 days straight only on packs...

Hth, and I'm sure a cd counsellor will be along to give you the official line :)


I'm not qualified to give any kind of official answer, but the packs have more calories than the AAM, and the AAM has almost nothing in the way of carbs or fats, it's just protein and fibre mostly.