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i started slimfast over a week ago and things keep coming up and i haven't been able to do a full week and to see the results!! the first week my 5 month old was in hospital for 3 days with breathing problems (like asthma) so was unable to stick to diet cos had to eat from canteen and its not too healthy. then we picked my mother in law up from airport at silly hour and ended up eating sandwiches (crazy amounts) so i'm feeling a little sorry for my self and wish i was a size 14/12 already rather than my hefty size 20!!! :cry::cry::cry::cry::cry::cry::cry:

back on it now today so here we go slim porky here we come!!! ;)
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What doesn't kill me.....
Sorry to hear about your baby... my daughter has asthma as well, but it's only induced by allergies and colds. But that means she is sick for all of spring, and a good portion of the fall.

Good luck on your journey... and as a tip, I always keep SF snack bars in my purse.. just in case.. and I keep a case of the shakes in my car... so I never have an excuse. Although it's getting warmer here... so they won't be cold... I'll have to figure something else out on that one!

hiya, how do you get your ticker factory tracker on your pages?? i.ve done one and saved it but don't know how to put it on my page - please help!!!!!!


What doesn't kill me.....
You have to paste the (BBcode I think?) into your signature. When you do it, there are two codes at the bottom of the ticker page your created.. copy the first one and paste it into your signature, which you can alter from the User CP section.




in my dreams!!!!!!
hi porky are you on the ticker page? if so like lr said, highlight (copy) the letters in the top box, then go to your signature and paste there and it should work.

wk 1 - 10 lbs:worthy:
wk 2 - 2 lbs:)
wk 3 sts:hmm:
wk 4 + 3 lbs:copon:
wk 5 - 7 lbs:greenapple:
wk 6 + 2 lbs:7834:
wk 7 - 6 lbs :party0049:
wk 8 - 1 lb :)_
wk 9 + 1lb :copon:
wk 10 - 2 lbs :D
wk 11 - 2 lbs :D